Pakistan Lowest Total Against Test Playing Countries

Birmingham, England: Pakistan’s 72 against England in the 2nd test of Aug 2010 is their lowest total against England. Here is a list of their lowest total against all test playing countries. Australia and England have bowled them out under 100 for the maximum times. Here is a list of their lowest scores against all test playing nations.

List of Lowest Total Against All Test Playing Team

    1. 53 Australia Sharjah 2002
    2. 72 England Birmingham 2010
    3. 77 West Indies Lahore 1986
    4. 90 Sri Lanka Colombo (PSS) 2009
    5. 92 South Africa Faisalabad 1997
    6. 102 New Zealand Faisalabad 1990
    7. 103 Zimbabwe Peshawar 1998
    8. 116 India Bangalore 1987
    9. 175 Bangladesh Multan 2003
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