BWF World Championships 2010: Past Winners of Women’s Singles

Paris, France: The World Championships of Badminton 2010 is the 18th Badminton World Cup. Paris is the first-time venue. Overall Chinese teams have dominated the game, followed by other asian powers such as Indonesia, who have won maximum medals in Women’s Singles. Besides that Korea, Japan, Chinese Taipei, Malaysia, Hongkong, India, France, Germany, Netherlands, England and Denmark have also won medals in the 33 year old World Badminton Championships. Here is a list of the past top-3 teams since 1977.

Past Champions: Women’s Singles !977-2009

1977 Malmo, Sweden Lene Koppen (Denmrk) Gillian Gilks (England) Hiroe Yuki (Japan) & Margaret Lockwood (England)
1980 Jakarta, Indonesia Verawaty Wiharjo(Indonesia) Ivana Lie (Indonesia) Lene Koppen (Denmark) & Taty Sumirah (Indonesia)
1983 Copenhague, Denmark Li Lingwei (China) Han Aiping (China) Helen Troke (England) & Zhang Ailing (China)
1985 Calgary, Canada Han Aiping (China) Wu Jianqui (China) Li Lingwei (China) & Zheng Yuli (China)
1987 Beijing, China Han Aiping (China) Li Lingwei (China) Zheng Yuli (China) & Gu Jiaming (China)
1989 Jakarta, Indonesia Li Lingwei (China) Huang Hua (China) Tang Jiuhong (China) & Sawendah Kusumawardani (Indonesia)
1991 Copenhagen, Denmark Tang Jiuhong (China) Sarwendah Kusumawardhani (Indonesia) Susi Susanti (Indonesia) & Lee Heung-soon (Korea)
1993 Birmingham, England Susi Susanti (Indonesia) Hermawan Susanto (Indonesia) Ye Zhaoying (China) & Tang Jiuhong (China)
1995 Lausanne, Switzerland Ye Zhaoying (China) Han Jingna (China) Susi Susanti (Indonesia) & Bang Soo-hyun (Korea)
1997 Glasgow, Scotland Ye Zhaoying (China) Gong Zhichao (China) Han Jingna (China) & Wang Chen (China)
1999 Copenhagen, Denmark Camilla Martin (Denmark) Dai Yun (China) Gong Ruina (China) & Mette Sorensen
2001 Seville, Spain Gong Ruina (China) Zhou Mi (China) Gong Zhichao (China) & Zhang Ning (China)
2003 Birmingham, United Kingdom Zhang Ning (China) Gong Ruina (China) Zhou Mi (China) & Mia Audina (Netherlands)
2005 California, United States Xie Xingfang (China) Zhang Ning (China) Xu Huaiwen (Germany) & Cheng Shao-chieh (Chinese Taipei)
2006 Madrid, Spain, Xie Xingfang (China) Zhang Ning (China) Xu Huaiwen (Indonesia) & Petra Overzier (Indonesia)
2007 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysis Zhu Lin (China) Wang Chen (Hong Kong) Lu Lan (China) & Zhang Ning (China)
2009 HYderabad, India Lu Lan (China) Xie Xingfang (China) Wang Lin (China) & Pi Hongyan (France)
2010 Paris, France TBD TBD TBD
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