Both Ball Watching, Sehwag Stays, Tendulkar Out

Hyderabad, India: Sehwag and Tendulkar form a formiddable opening pair in ODIs. Sehwag takes pride in accepting that he is pupil of Tendulkar. But, in the opening World Cup game, pupil decided not to sacrifice his wicket for Tendulkar.

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In the opening game of World Cup 2011 at Mirpur, after being asked to bat by Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan, the opening pair of Sehwag and Tendulkar provided another smash buckling opening stand. In 10 overs India scored more than 60 runs. Both were looking good for a long inning eyeing their first centuries against Bangladesh. But on the 5th delivery of 11th over the unthinkable happend. Bowlers could not get any of them. So they themselves paired to give a breakthrough and put some spice in the game.

Tendulkar pushed a ball and ran for a quick single eyeing the fielder who was to dive and grab the ball. Enough time for a quick single. But, Sehwag standing on the other end instead of running was just watching the ball passing him and the fielder running to dive for the running ball. Their experience together did not require a call for such cheeky single. Both ended up watching the ball and Sehwag did not run. When he saw Tendulkar approaching his end, he simply took his crease and Tendulkar was left stranded. With both batsmen on one end, it was an easy run out.

Tendulkar’s fan would have cursed Sehwag then. Yet later in the match Sehwag scored 175 runs to take India to 370 runs. Indians will praise Sehwag for his patience to stay almost till the end even though in pain during the last 5 overs of his stay. Yet, one can not help but imagine what would have been in store if Sehwag would have responded for the single that was very much for them to take.

Sehwag and Tendulkar have batted together for a long time now and share 13 half century stand between them and many century stand. The incident would make both realise that despite their experience together a call is must for a quick run.

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