WC 2011: Maximum Dismissals

List of maximum dismissals by wicketkeepers during the tournament. Sangakkara emerged as the leading wicketkeeper.

C = Catch, S = Stumping

14 Sangakkara (10c, 4s)
13 Haddin (13c) (Aus)
12 Kamran Akhmal (8c, 3s) (Pak)
10 Prior (3s 7c) (Eng), Thomas (2s, 8c) (WI)
9 B McCullum (7c, 1s) (NZ), Dhoni (3s, 6c) (Ind)
8 Bagai (8c) (Can), van Wyk (1s, 7c) (SA),
7 Mushfiqur Rahim ( 3c, 4s) (Ban)
4 Ouma (2c, 2s) (Kenya), NJ O’Brien (1s, 3c) (Ire)
3 Barresi (3c) (Neth), Buurman (3c) (Neth), Taibu (3c) (Zim)
1 D Obuya (1 c) (Ken)

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