India Vs England 1979-80 Series: Statistics & Record

The centenary celebration for World No. 1 England was successful. Botham’s phenomenal allround performance drubbed India.

India Vs England 1979-80 Series: England Celebrate Jubilee Test
India Vs England History: Test Series Result
India Vs England 1979-80 Series: Test Results

Series Record

    Captains: Brearley (Eng), Viswanath (Ind)
    Wicketkeepers: R Taylor (Eng), Kirmani (Ind)
    Best Batsman: Botham (114)
    Best Bowler: Botham (13), Ghavri (5)
    Highest Team Score: 296 (Eng), 242 (Ind)
    Lowest Team Score: 149 (Ind)
    Centuries: 1 (Botham)
    Half-centuries: 0
    5wkts in inning: 3 (Eng 2, Ind 1)
    10wkts in match: 13/106 Botham

Team Records:

    Eng Scores: 296 and 98/0
    Ind Score: 242 and 149

Batting Records

    114 by Botham

Biggest (100-plus) Partnerships:

    171 6th Botham & Taylor (Eng)

Bowling Records
Best Bowling in an Inning

    6/58 Botham
    5/52 Ghavri
    7/48 Botham

Best Bowling in a Test

    13/106 Botham
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