WSH Team Profile: Karnataka Lions

Sporting Ace Pvt. Ltd. (Zentrum Group) owsn the Karnataka Lions. They have two players from Pakistan, and one player each from Australia and South Africa. Here is the Team profile for the Karnataka Lions team.


Coach: Jude Felix

Pos = Position

Name Pos India
Arjun Halappa (Captain) Midfielder India
Devesh Chauhan Goalkeeper India
Jagdeep Dayal Gaolkeeper India
Dhanraj Pillay Striker India
Eli Matheson Striker Australia
Jarnail Singh Striker India
Amar Aiyamma Striker India
Nitin Thimmaiah Striker India
Vinayak Bijwad Striker India
Akshay Sarathi Striker India
Tommy Hammond Midfielder South Africa
Nitin Kumar Midfielder India
Ravipal Singh Midfielder India
S K Uthappa Midfielder India
Adnan Maqsood Midfielder Pakistan
Gursev Singh Midfielder India
Ignace Tirkey Midfielder India
B Nagalingaswamy Midfielder India
Abhishek Singh Defender India
Inocent Kullu Defender India
Sandeep Singh Defender India
Sandeep Singh (U-18) Defender India
Zeeshan Ashraf Defender Pakistan
Len Aiyappa Defender India
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