Women’s World Boxing Championships: Indians are Overall Third Best

After 2016 World Championships as Indian Women settled for one silver medal, Indian Women boxers are placed third behind Russia and China havinge won 28 medals, including 8 Gold medals, 6 silver medals and 14 Bronze medals. Mary Kom has dominated the event in her category reaching the final whenever she participated. India’s 5 Gold medals have been won by Mary Kom. She also won a silver in the inaugural Championship of 2001. Beyond her, India had a rich medal crop in 2006 when they hosted the championships as three more women won the Gold medals. Before and after it is more about Bronze medals besides the two silver medals won by Usha Nagisetty (57 kg). Check all the medal winners from India before 2018 Women’s World Boxing Championships.

Indian Women Performance in 2014 World Championships
Indian Women Performance in 2018 World Championships
Indian Women’s Medal Tally

    Gold: 8
    Silver: 6
    Bronze: 25

Multiple Medal Winners

    Mary Kom: 5 Gold and 1 Silver
    Laishram Sarita Devi: 1 Gold, 2 Bronze
    Usha Nagisetty: 2 Silver
    Kavita Chahal: 2 Bronze
    Jyotsana Kumari: 2 Bronze
    Chhotu Loura: 2 Bronze

Indian Finalists in Women’s World Boxing Championships
2001: 48 Kg: Mary Kom lost the final to win India’s First Medal (Silver)

    45 Kg: Mary Kom won India’s First Gold
    Bronze: Meena Kumari (48 Kg)
    Karamjit Kaur (75 Kg)
    Jyotsana (+81 Kg)


    46 Kg: Mary Kom won India’s and her Second Gold
    Bronze: Kalpana Chowdhury (50 Kg)
    Laishram Sarita Devi (54 Kg)
    Chenthittail Aswathimol (70 Kg)
    Jyotsana Kumari (86 Kg)


    Gold: 46 Kg: Mary Kom won her Third Gold
    52 Kg: Laishram Sarita Devi
    63 Kg: Jenny R.L.
    75 Kg: Lekha K.C.
    Silver: N. Usha (57 Kg)
    Bronze: Chhotu Loura (50 Kg)
    Aruna Mishra (66 Kg)
    Renu (80 Kg)


    Gold: Mary Kom (46 Kg) won her Fourth Gold
    Silver: Usha Nagisetty (57 kg)
    Bronze: Chhoto Loura (50 Kg)
    Sarita Devi (52 Kg)


    Mary Kom (48 Kg) won her Fifth Gold
    Bronze: Kavita Chahal (+81 Kg)

2012: Bronze: Kavita Chahal (+81 Kg)

    45-48 Kg: Sarjubala (Silver)
    81 Kg: Saweety (Silver)

2016: Sonia Lather (Silver in 57 Kg)

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