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History of 19 FIFA World Cup Finals

Germany vs Argentina will be the 19th Final match of the FIFA World Cup in 20th edition. In 1950 there was no separate match for the final as Uruguay emerged winner from the Round Robin league ahead of the hosts Brazil. Germany has created a record of reaching the maximum 8th Final, one more than […]

FIFA World Cup Third Place Match: 17 Games, 68 Goals Scored

The Dutch coach, Van Gaal may have found many supporters by saying that third place match one does not want to play. Still it is a match the semifinal losers must play just for filling the rank. In a situation where Brazil is as a host, some do play it for pride. Overall in FIFA […]

Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Netherlands: Who are the Lucky Two!!

With almost a month of World’s biggest festival coming to an end the board is drawn for the final four. Despite having two newbies in the Quarter finals, there are no surprises in the semifinal line up as Brazil plays Germany and Argentina takes on Netherlands. All have been experienced enough upto the extent of […]

FIFA World Cup: One Time Semifinalists of World Cup

In 19 editions of FIFA World Cup, there has been only Eight teams that qualified for the semifinal only once. The miracle has taken place in 7 editions of Football World Cup. 2002 World Cup was the most surprising among all editions as there were two new and one-time semifinalists. Interestingly, none of these one […]

The Tale of Quarter Final Underdogs: Colombia, Costa Rica, France and Belgium

Going by reputation in the quarter final of the FIFA World Cup 2014, Colombia, Costa Rica, France and Belgium are the underdogs. Based on big names and form the semifinal line up by experts was drawn after Group Stage as Brazil, Netherlands, Germany and Argentina. We are just four quarterfinal matches away from the expected […]

FIFA WC 2014: Can Argentina and Belgium Help Create the World Cup Record!!

The last 19 editions of FIFA World Cup has experimented with various formats. 1934 and 1938 World Cups followed complete knockout format. In the editions that had only 16 teams, the top two teams of each group qualified directly for Quarterfinals. Never in the World Cup history all the 8 group leaders have together qualified […]

FIFA World Cup: When Austria Played Germany To Knock Out Algeria

1982 World Cup had many interesting aspects. In Italy, World cup had the luckiest winner (of 1982 World Cup) who without winning a match at group stage and scoring only two goals qualified for next round. But, the beautiful historical win of Italy was overshadowed by one group game. The Group Match between group leader […]

FIFA World Cup 2014: Summary of 48 Matches at Group Stage

6 Europeans, 5 South Americans, 3 North Americans and 2 African countries qualified for the next group. None of the Asian Football (AFC) region team could qualify. In fact all the four teams representing AFC finished at the bottom and none could win any match. 9 matches resulted in a draw, five of them were […]

FIFA World Cup 2014: Belgium and Algeria Qualify From Group H

Group H has the least fancied teams and the best among the lot qualified for the next round. The underdog Belgium and African King Algeria proved better than next edition host Russia and once semifinalist South Korea. Group Topper Belgium takes on USA and Algeria takes on Group G topper Germany in the Round of […]

FIFA World Cup 2014: Group E Sends Two European Teams To 2nd Round

Group E became the only group of 2014 World Cup from where both the qualifiers were Europeans. France and Switzerland asserted their supremacy over others and packed Ecuador and Honduras.

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