1920 Olympics: First Time India Sends a Team

After 20 years and three Olympics since 1900 when India won two Silver medals, India sent a team for the first time, in its second Olympics. Three athletes and two wrestlers could not win any medal. Randhir Shinde came the closest to a Bronze medal, but finished fourth.

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Olympic and Indian Statistics

    India Ranking: No Medals
    Venue: Antwerp, Belgium
    Sports: 156 in 22 sports
    Participating Nations: 29
    Athletes Participating: 2,626 (2,561 men, 65 women)
    Flag Bearer: Purma Bannerjee (Athlete, 100 and 400m)
    Indian Team: 5 Athletes (6 events in 2 Sports)
    Sports-India: Athletics (4 events – 3 members, Wrestling (2 events – 2 members)


    Purma Bannerjee (Round 1 in Men’s 100 metres – 5th and 400 metres – 4th)
    Phadeppa Chaugule: Round 1 in Men’s 10,000 metres, 19th in Marathon
    Sadashir Datar: Did not finish in Men’s Marathon


    Kumar Navale: Round 2 in Men;s Middleweight, Freestyle
    Randhir Shinde: 4th in Men’s Featherweight, Freestyle

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