1930 Football World Cup: Hosts Uruguay Win, 3 Hattricks Scored

The first World Cup was held at 1930 in Uruguay. 13 teams were divided into 4 groups. The toppers reached the semifinal. Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain and Uruguay made a bid to host, and the reigning Olympic Champion Uruguay won the big. The golden trophy named The Goddess of Victory” was commissioned from French sculptor Abel Lafleur. There was no qualification for the teams. 18 matches produced 70 goals, and semifinals had the same score of 6-1. The tournament had provision of replay of matches that did not produce result even after extra time, instead of penalty shoot out.

2014 Football World Cup Schedule and Results
History of All Previous Editions

Tournament Facts

    Host: Uruguay
    Matches: 18
    Goals: 70
    Hattricks: Stabile (Argentina vs Mexico), Patenaude (USA vs Paraguay) – Group Stage, Cea (Uruguay vs Yugoslavia (SF)

Tournament Statistics

    1. First goal of World Cup: L Laureni in 10th minute for

    France vs Mexico
    2. First Hattrick: Stabile of Argentina vs Mexico
    3. Preguinho was the first goal scorer of Brazil (vs Yugoslavia in losing cause)
    4. Brazil’s first win in World Cup was over Bolivia 4-0.
    5. Brazil lost its first match, in world cup vs Yugoslavia 2-1.
    6. Cea of Uruguay scored the first hattrick of semifinal vs Yugoslavia
    7. 8 goals by Gillermo Stabile of Argentina made him the highest goal scorer of tournament.
    8. Manuel Rosas (Chile vs Argentina) was the first own goal scorer of World Cup.


    Group 1: Chile, France, Mexico
    Group 2: Yugoslavia, BRazil, Bolivia
    Group 3: Uruguay, Romania, Peru
    Group 4: USA, Paraguay, Belgium

Group 1: Chile, France, Mexico

    France def Mexico 4-1
    Argentina def France 1-0
    Chile def Mexico 3-0
    Chile def France 1-0
    Argentina def Mexico 6-3
    Argentina def Chile 3-1

Group 2: Yugoslavia, Brazil, Bolivia

    Yugoslavia def Brazil 2-1
    Yugoslavia def Bolivia 4-0
    Brazil def Bolivia 4-0

Group 3: Uruguay, Romania, Peru

    Romania def Peru 3-1
    Uruguay def Peru 1-0
    Uruguay def Romania 4-0

Group 4: USA, Paraguay, Belgium

    USA def Belgium 4-0
    USA def Paraguay 3-0
    Paraguay def Belgium 1-0

Semis and Final

    SFs: Argentina def USA 6-1
    Uruguay def Yugoslavia 6-1
    Final: Uruguay def Argentina 4-2

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