1948-49 Series: Records and Statistics

During the first series played between minnows India and strong West Indies in India, many records were made. The series was fought much closer and the final result of was just 1-0 in favor of WI.

1948-49 Series Result
When India and WI Played First Series

Series Record

Captains: J Goddard (WI), Lala Amarnath (Ind)
Wicketkeepers: C Walcott (WI), PK Sen, Lala Amarnath (Ind)
Best Batsman: Everton Weekes (779 runs), RS Modi (560 runs)
Best Bowler: Jones (17 wkts), Mankad (16 wkts)
Highest Team Score (400-plus): 631, 629, 582 (WI), 454 (Ind)
Lowest Team Score: 144 (Ind), 267 (WI)
Centuries: 16 (WI 11, Ind 5)
Half-centuries: 22 (WI 9, Ind 13)
Best Bowling in inning: 7/159 by Phadkar
5wkts in inning: 3 (Ind 2, WI 1) – Phadkar, Rangachari, Jones
10wkts in match: 0

Team Records:

    WI Scores: 631, 629/6, 366 and 336/9 (dec), 582, 286 and 267
    Ind Score: 454 and 220/6, 273 and 333/3, 272 and 325/3, 245 and 144, 193 and 355/8

Other Records

    4 centuries scored in WI only inning in first test. C Walcott (152), G Gomez (101), E Weekes (128) and R Christiani (107) scored the centuries.
    Double century partnership of 277 runs for 4th wkt in first test, and double century opening partnership (239) runs by West Indies openers in fourth test.
    Rangachari became the first bowler to register 5-wkt haul in an innings in the Ind-WI bilateral series history.
    Jones became the first WI bowler to take 5-wkts haul against India in bilaterla series.
    Walcott became the first batsman to score a century in Ind-WI bilateral series.
    Indian captain Adhikari became the first Indian batsman to score century against WI.

Batting Records
Highest Centuries

    4- E Weekes, 2 -A Rae, Walcott, Vijay Hazare

Highest Ind. Scores

    194 by Weekes (WI), 134* by Vijay Hazare (Ind)


    1st Test – C Walcott (152), G Gomez (101), E Weekes (128) and R Christiani (107), H Adhikari (114*)
    2nd Test: A Rae (104), E Weekes (194), R Modi (112), V Hazare (134*)
    3rd Test: Weekes (162 and 101), Walcott (108), Mushtaq Ali (106)
    4th: A Rae (109), Stollmeyer (160)
    5th: V Hazare (122)

Biggest (100-plus) Partnerships

    277 4th Walcott & Gomez
    239 1st wkt A Rae & Stollmeyer


    101 6th Goddard & Weekes
    118 7th Weekes and Christiani
    106 9th Christiani & Cameron
    111 2nd Ibrahim & Modi (Ind)
    134 1st Rae & Stollmeyer
    170 5th Weekes & Christiani
    156 3rd Modi & Hazare (Ind)
    144 4th Hazare & Amarnath (Ind)
    129 3rd Modi and Hazare (Ind)
    239 1st wkt A Rae & Stollmeyer
    110 3rd Stollmeyer & Weekes
    139 3rd Modi & Hazare (Ind)

Bowling Records
Best Bowling in an Inning

    Phadkar (Ind) took 7/159,
    P Jones took 5/85, first 5-wkt haul by any West Indies bowler against India.

Best Bowling in a Test

    Phadkar (Ind) took 7/159

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