1954 Football World Cup: Amateur Germany Shocks All as 5 Hattricks Scored

1954 world cup was held from 16th June to 4th July at Switzerland, which was chosen as host in 1946. Besides the host Switzerland and defending champion Uruguay, Of the remaining 14 places, 11 were allocated to Europe (including Egypt, Turkey and Israel), 2 to the Americas, and one to Asia. For the first time there was television coverage of World Cup. West Germany became the first team to overcame a drubbing at group stage to win the cup.

2014 Football World Cup Schedule and Results
History of All Previous Editions

Tournament Facts

    Host: Switzerland
    Matches: 26
    Goals Scored: 140
    Format: Group and Knockout
    Hattricks: 5
    Extra Time: Brazil vs Yugoslavia, England Vs Belgium (Group), Hungary vs Uruguay (SF)
    Penalty Shoot: None

Tournament Statistics

    1. 5.38 became the new record for highest average goals per game in a world cup.
    2. 12 Goals (Australia vs Switzerland) became the highest for a match.
    3. 9 goals became the biggest margin for a win in a match (Hungary vs South Korea).
    4. West Germany won the final despite losing at group stage, becoming the first team to achieve the feat.
    5. West Germany’s won the cup without playing any team from outside its own continent.
    6. Kocsis (Hungary vs West Germany) scored 4 goals, 3rd player to achieved the feat at World Cup.
    7. Borges (Uruguay vs Scotland) scored a hattrick.
    8. Probst (Austria vs Czechoslovakia) scored a hattrick.
    9. Wagner (Austria vs Switzerland) and Hugi (Switzerland vs Austria) scored hattricks in same match (QFs), providing third such instance of two hattricks in same match of World Cup.
    10. 11 goals: Sandor Kocsis (Hungary) was the highest scorer.


    Group 1: Brazil, Yugoslavia, France, Mexico
    Group 2: Hungary, West Germany, Turkey, South Korea
    Group 3: Uruguay, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Scotland
    Group 4: England, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium

Group 1

    1. Brazil def Mexico 5-0
    2. Yugoslavia def France 1-0
    3. Brazil drew Yugoslavia 1-1 (Extra time)
    4. France def Mexico 3-2

Group 2

    5. West Germany def Turkey 4-1
    6. Hungary def South Korea 9-0
    7. Hungary def West Germany 8-3
    8. Turkey def South Korea 7-0
    9. West Germany def Turkey 7-2

Group 3

    10. Uruguay def Czechoslovakia 2-0
    11. Austria def Scotland 1-0
    12. Uruguay def Scotland 7-0
    13. Austria def Czechoslovakia 5-0

Group 4

    14. Switzerland def Italy 2-1
    15. England drew Belgium 4-4 (Extra time)
    16. Italy def Belgium 4-1
    17. England def Switzerland 2-0
    18. Switzerland def Italy 4-1


    19. Hungary def Brazil 4-2
    20. Uruguay def England 4-2
    21. West Germany def Yugoslavia 2-0
    22. Austria def Switzerland 7-5

Semis and Final

    23. SF1: Hungary def Uruguay 4-2 (Extra time)
    24. SF2: West Germany def Austria 6-1
    25. 3rd Place: Austria def Uruguay 3-1
    26. Final: West Germany def Hungary 3-2

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