1958 Football World Cup: Brazil, the King of Soccer Finally Wins

Probably one of the toughest World Cup till then. None of the teams could completely dominate. While in Group 1 each team won a match, even in other groups none of the teams could win all the three matches. The tournament is remembered for two achievements, Brazil’s first win and French Fontaine’s goal fountain.

2014 Football World Cup Schedule and Results
History of All Previous Editions

Tournament Facts

    Host: Sweden
    Matches: 35
    Goals Scored: 126
    Format: Group and Knockout
    Hattricks: Fontaine (France vs Paraguay) at Group, Pele (Brazil vs France) at Semifinal, Fontaine (4 goals vs Germany) for 3rd place

Tournament Statistics

    1. 13 Goals by Just Fontaine became the new record for a world cup.
    2. Brazil became the 4th winner of World Cup behind Uruguay, Italy, and Germany.
    3. Fontaine became the 1st player to score two hattricks in the same World Cup.
    4. Fontaine also became the 4th player to score 4 goals in a match.
    5. 0-0 Between Brazil and England was the first goalless draw in World Cup.


    Group 1: West Germany, Northern Ireland, Czechoslovakia, Argentina
    Group 2: France, Yugoslavia, Paraguay, Scotland
    Group 3: Sweden, Wales, Hungary, Mexico
    Group 4: Brazil, Soviet Union, England, Austria

Group 1

    1. West Germany def Argentina 3-1
    2. Northern Ireland def Czechoslovakia 1-0
    3. Argentina def Northern Ireland 3-1
    4. West Germany drew Czechoslovakia 2-2
    5. West Germany drew Northern Ireland 2-2
    6. Czechoslovakia def Argentina 6-1
    7. Playoff: Northern Ireland def Czechoslovakia 2-1

Group 2

    1. France def Paraguay 7-3
    2.Yugoslavia drew Scotland 1-1
    3. Yugoslavia def France 3-2
    4. Paraguay def Scotland 3-2
    5. France def Scotland 2-1
    6. Yugoslavia drew Paraguay 3-3

Group 3
With all draws Wales moved to next round winning Playoff.

    1. Sweden def Mexico 3-0
    2. Hungary drew Wales 1-1
    3. Mexico drew Wales 1-1
    4. Sweden def Hungary 2-1
    5. Sweden drew Wales 1-1
    6. Hungary def Mexico 4-0
    7. Play Off: Wales def Hungary 2-1

Group 4
With all draws England failed to move to next round losing Playoff

    1. Brazil def Austria 3-0
    2. Soviet Union drew England 2-2
    3. Brazil drew England 0-0
    4. England drew Austria 2-2
    5. Brazil def Soviet Union 2-0
    6. Playoff: Soviet Union def England 1-0


    France def Northern Ireland 4-0
    1. Sweden def Soviet Union 2-0
    2. Brazil def Wales 1-0
    3. West Germany def Yugoslavia 1-0

Semis and Final

    1. SF1: Brazil def France 5-2
    2. SF2: Sweden def West Germany 3-1
    3. 3rd Place: France def West Germany 6-3
    4. Final: Brazil def Sweden 5-2

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