1974 Football World Cup: West Germany Wins at Home

With the Jules Rimet Trophy awarded permanently to Brazil for their three wins, the new trophy created by Silvio Gazzaniga, the Italian sculptor was won by the host West Germany. They became the fourth host after Uruguay (1930), Italy (1934), England (1966) to win the trophy. Out of 98 competing countries, 14 qualified for the 1974 FIFA World Cup. Surprisingly at group stages, all the four toppers were unfancied teams. The tournament saw first two rounds in group format. From the second round, the toppers qualified for final, while the second position team played the 3rd place match.

2014 Football World Cup Schedule and Results
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Tournament Facts

    Host: West Germany
    Matches: 38
    Goals Scored: 97
    Format: Groups in 1st and 2nd Round and Final
    Hattricks: Bajevic (Yugoslavia Vs Zaire), Szarmach (Poland Vs Haiti)

Tournament Statistics

    1. 7 Goals made Grzegorz Lato (Poland) the highest goal scorer.
    2. Own Goals: Roberto Perfumo (Argentina Vs Italy), Colin Curran (Australia vs East Germany), Ruud Krol (Netherlands vs Bulgaria)
    3. 4th time in World Cup (After 1930, 1950, 1962) no matches went to extra time.
    4. Overall 14th goal of World Cup helped Gerd Muller break the record of maximum 13 goals of Just Fontaine (Who scored in one WC).
    5. First time the reigning European champion won the World Cup too.
    6. Netherlands and Poland played first time after 1938 and finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.


    Group 1: East Germany, West Germany, Chile, Australia
    Group 2: Yugoslavia, Brazil, Scotland, Zaire
    Group 3: Netherlands, Sweden, Bulgaria, Uruguay
    Group 4: Poland, Argentina, Italy, Haiti

Results 1st Round
The top two teams qualified for 2nd round of Group stage.
Group 1

    1. West Germany def Chile 1-0
    2. East Germany def Australia 2-0
    3. West Germany def Australia 3-0
    4. East Germany drew Chile 1-1
    5. Australia drew Chile 0-0
    6. East Germany def West Germany 1-0

Group 2

    1. Brazil drew Yugoslavia 0-0
    2. Scotland def Zaire 2-0
    3. Yugoslavia def Zaire 9-0
    4. Scotland drew Brazil 0-0
    5. Scotland drew Yugoslavia 1-1
    6. Brazil def Zaire 3-0

Group 3

    1. Netherlands def Uruguay 2-0
    2. Sweden drew Bulgaria 0-0
    3. Uruguay drew Bulgaria 1-1
    4. Netherlands drew Sweden 0-0
    5. Netherlands def Bulgaria 4-1
    6. Sweden def Uruguay 3-0

Group 4

    1. Italy def Haiti 3-1
    2. Poland def Argentina 3-2
    3. Argentina drew Italy 1-1
    4. Poland def Haiti 7-0
    5. Argentina def Haiti 4-1
    6. Poland def Italy 2-1

Results 2nd Round
Group 1: Netherlands, Brazil, East Germany, Argentina

    1. Netherlands def Argentina 4-0
    2. Brazil def East Germany 1-0
    3. Brazil def Argentina 2-1
    4. Netherlands def East Germany 2-0
    5. Argentina drew East Germany 1-1
    6. Netherlands def Brazil 2-0

Group 2: West Germany, Poland, Sweden, Yugoslavia

    1. West Germany def Yugoslavia 2-0
    2. Poland def Sweden 1-0
    3. Poland def Yugoslavia 2-1
    4 West Germany def Sweden 4-2
    5. West Germany def Poland 1-0
    6. Sweden def Yugoslavia 2-1

Results: 3rd Place and Final

    1. 3rd Place: Poland def Brazil 1-0
    2. Final: West Germany def Netherlands 2-1

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