1978 Asian Games: Indians Finish 6th with 28 Medals

As Bangkok hosted the event for third time in 4 editions, Indians won 11 Gold medals as Sriram became second athlete from Track event to retain Gold medal after Milkha Singh, while Hari Chand won two Gold medals in long distance Track event.

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Indians won 8 Gold, 7 Silver and 3 Bronze to finish third behind China and Japan.

With a Silver and 2 Bronze, India finished 7th.

Men’s team won Silver.
Squad: Bhaskar Ganguly, Bhaskar Maity, Surjit Singh, Gurdev Singh, Chinmoy Chatterjee, Shyamal Banerjee, Compton Dutta, Subrata Bhattacharya, Nicholas Pereira, D. Shekharan, G.S. Parmar, Prasun Banerjee, Pushparaj Kumar, A. Devraj Doraiswamy, M.M. Jacob, Thomas Fernandes, Xavier Pius, Francis D’Souza, Mohammed Akbar, Harjinder Singh, Surajit Sengupta, Bidesh Bose

Placed in Group C, Indians lost to Malaysia (0-1) and won against Bangladesh (3-0). In the Group 1 of semifinals, they lost all three matches. They lost to Kuwait (6-1), Iraq (3-1) and North Korea (3-1) to finish 8th.

India won a Silver in Enterprise event.

Indian Wrestler finished second behind Japan. They won 2 Gold and a Silver.

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