1979 World Cup: Matches and Results

1979 Prudential World Cup followed the same format, and same number of teams (8) participated. Canada replaced East Africa to join the big league. West Indies and England, like 1975 WC, again topped their groups with all 3 wins. Kerry Packer hit weak Australia team, 1975 finalist, could not even enter the semifinal. 15 matches were played but the winner was same, the invincible appearing West Indies.

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Group A: England, Pakistan, Australia and Canada
Group B: West Indies, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and India


    Greenidge scored the only century of Group Stage.
    Greenidge received 2 MOMs.
    Hurst (Aus vs Canada) took first 5-wkt haul (5/21) of 1979 WC.
    Narrowest Win: 9 runs win in semifinal (England def New Zealand)
    Richards century in the final was only the 2nd century of the tournament.
    Garner’s 5/38 in the final was 2nd fiver for the tournament.
    45: Canada scored lowest World Total score (third below 100 score of since 1975 WC

Group A matches:
England and Pakistan qualified for semifinals
9 June: Lord’s England

    Eng def Aus by 6 wkts, MOM: Graham Gooch
    Score: Aus 159/9, Eng 160/4
    High Scores: Gooch 53
    Best Bowling: 2/15 Geoff Boycottt
    100+ Partnership: 108 3rd Brearley, Gooch

9 June Headingley

    Pak def Canada by 8 wkts
    Score: Canada 139/9, Pak 140/2
    Player of the match: Sadiq Mohammad
    High Scores: Sadiq Mohammad 57
    Best Bowling: 3/26 Sarfraz Nawaz, 3/28 Asif Iqbal
    100+ Partnership: None

14 June: Nottingham

    Pak def Aus by 89 runs, MOM: Asif Iqbal
    Score: Pak 286/7, Aus 197
    High Scores: Majid Khan 61, Asif Iqbal 61, Hilditch 72
    Best Bowling: 3/54 Cosier, 3/34 Sikandar Bakht, 3/53 Majid Khan
    100+ Partnership: None

14 June Old Trafford

    Eng def Canada by 8 wkts, MOM: Chris Old
    Score: Can 45, Eng 46/2
    High Scores: Gooch 21*, Dennis (Canada) 21
    Best Bowling: 4/11 Bruce Willis, 4/8 Chris Old
    100+ Partnership: None

16 June Edgbaston

    Aus def Canada by 7 wkts
    Score: Can 105, Aus 106/3
    Player of the match: Alan Hurst
    High Scores: Vaughan (Canada) 29
    Best Bowling: 5/21 Hurst
    100+ Partnership: None

16 June Headingley

    Eng def Pak by 14 runs, MOM: Mike Hendrick
    Score: Eng 165/9, Pak 151
    High Scores: Asif Iqbal 51
    Best Bowling: 4/15 Hendrick
    100+ Partnership: None

Group B Matches
West Indies and New Zealand qualified for semifinals
9 June Edgbaston
India were bowled out for 190 runs. The Carribean openers ensured an emphatic win.

    West Indies def India by 9 wkts, MOM: Gordon Greenidge
    Score: Ind 190, WI 194/1
    High Scores: Greenidge 106, Viswanath 75
    Best Bowling: 4/33 Holding
    100+ Partnership: 138 1st Greenidge, Haynes

9 June Trent Bridge

    New Zealand def Sri Lanka by 9 wkts, MOM: Geoff Howarth
    Score: SL 189, NZ 190/1
    High Scores: Glen Turner 83, Geoff Howarth 63*, Tennekoon (59)
    Best Bowling: 3/25 McKechnie
    100+ Partnership: 126 2nd Turner, Howarth

13 June Oval: SL Vs WI abandoned

13 June Headingley

    NZ def Ind by 8 wkts, MOM: Bruce Edgar
    Score: Ind 182, NZ 183/2
    High Scores: Bruce Edgar 84, Gavaskar 55
    Best Bowling: 3/36 BL Cairns
    100+ Partnership: 100 1st John Wright, Edgar

16 June Trent Bridge

    West Indies def New Zealand by 32 runs, MOM: Clive Lloyd
    Score: WI 244/7, NZ 212/9
    High Scores: Greenidge 65, Clive Lloyd 73*
    Best Bowling: 3/43 Andy Roberts
    100+ Partnership: None

18 June Old Trafford

    Sri Lanka def India by 47 runs, MOM: Duleep Mendis
    Score: SL 238/5, Ind 191
    High Scores: Wettimuny 67, Duleep Mendis 64
    Best Bowling: 3/29 DS de Silva, 3/31 Opatha, 3/40 Amarnath
    100+ Partnership: None

1st Semifinal
20 June Old Trafford

    England def New Zealand by 9 runs, MOM: Graham Gooch
    Score: Eng 221/8, NZ 212/9
    High Scores: Brearley 53, Gooch 71, John Wright 69
    Best Bowling: 3/55 Hendrick
    100+ Partnership: None

2nd Semifinal
20 June Oval

    West Indies def Pakistan by 43 runs
    Score: WI 293/6, Pak 250, MOM: Gordon Greenidge
    High Scores: Greenidge 73, Haynes 65, Zaheer Abbas 93, Majid Khan 81
    Best Bowling: 4/56 Asif Iqbal
    100+ Partnership: 132 1st Greenidge, Haynes
    166 2nd Zaheer Abbas, Majid Khan

23 June Lord’s

    West Indies def England by 92 runs
    The biggest collapse where from 2/182 England were bowled out on 194 runs.
    Score: WI 286/9, Eng 194
    Player of the match: Viv Richards
    High Scores: Viv Richards 138, Colin King 86, Brearley 64, Boycott 57
    Best Bowling: 5/38 Joel Garner
    100+ Partnership: 5th 139 Viv Richards, Colin King
    129 1st Brearley, Boycott

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