1983 World Cup Statistics

Cricketing World sensed a change of guards in 1983. Indian victory made everyone believe that West Indies era is nearing an end. Kapil Dev, Amarnath, Roger Binny and Madan Lal emerged as heroes. Here is the tournament statistics.

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Tournament Statistics

    Teams: 8
    Matches: 27
    Winner: India
    Runner’s up: West Indies
    Period: 9-25 June
    Groups: 2 groups 4 team each
    Group A: England, Pakistan, New Zealand and Sri Lanka
    Group B: West Indies, India, Australia and Zimbabwe
    Centuries: 7
    5 wkts in match: 7 (de Mel of SL took 5 wkts twice)
    Max MOM: 3 by Viv Richards
    Highest Totals: 338/5 by Pakistan v SL
    300 plus scores: 4 (twice by England, once by Pak and Aus each)
    Biggest Victory by Run: 162 runs by Aus v India
    Biggest Victory by Wickets: 10 wkts by WI v Zim
    Century Partnerships: 14 (2 for 1st wkt, 3 for 2nd, 4 for 3rd, 2 for 4th, 2 for 6th and 1 for 9th)

Batting Records
Most Runs: 384 runs
High Score: 175* by Kapil Dev

    384 David Gower, 7 Innings, 1 century, 1 50
    367 Viv Richards, 7 Innings, 1 century, 2 50s
    360 Grant Fowler, 7 Innings, 4 50s
    313 Zaheer Abbas, 7 Innings, 1 century, 2 50s
    303 Kapil Dev, 8 Innings, 1 century
    283 Imran Khan, 7 Innings, 1 century, 2 50s
    278 Allan Lamb, 6 Innings, 1 century, 1 50

Bowling Records
Max Wickets: 18 wkts by Roger Binny (Ind)
Best Bowling 7 wkts by Winston Davis

    18 Roger Binny in 8 innings
    17 Asantha de Mel (SL) in 6 innings
    17 Madan Lal in 8 innings
    14 Richard Hadlee in 6 innings
    13 VJ Marks (Eng) in 7 innings
    12 Marshall (6 ings), Holding (7 ings) (WI), Kapil Dev (8 ings), Abdul Qadir (6 ings)

Fielding Records

    Most Catches 7 by Kapil
    Most Dismissals 16 by Dujon (WI)

Highest Partnerships by Wickets

    1st 172* Haynes and Bacchus (WI) vs Zimbabwe
    2nd 144 Chappell and Hughes (Aus) v India
    3rd 195* Greenidge and Gomes (WI) v Zim
    4th 147* Zaheer Abbas and Imran Khan (Pak) v NZ
    5th 92 Houghton and D Fletcher (Zim) v WI
    6th 144 Imran Khan and Shahid Mahboob (Pak) v SL
    7th 75* D Fletcher and Butchard (zim) V Aus
    8th 62 Kapil and Madan Lal (India) v Zim
    9th 126* Kapil and Kirmani (India) v ZIm
    10th 71 Roberts and Garner (WI) v Ind

1983 World Cup: Cricket Revolution
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