2004 Kabaddi World Cup: Indian Men win 1st International World Cup

Indian Men won the first Kabaddi World Cup playing 3 matches at Group Stage in the first two days, and the Elimination round of semifinals and finals on the final day as Iran finished second in the tournament that saw Pakistan and Afghanistan withdraw at the last minute.

2016 Kabaddi World Cup: Complete Fixture and Results
2016 Kabaddi World Cup Teams: India

Venue: Mumbai, India
Date: 19-21 Nov
Matches: 23
Format: Round Robin, Elimination from Quarterfinals
Participants: 12
Winner: India
Runners Up: Iran
Bronze: Bangladesh, Canada
Biggest wins:

    Canada def West Indies 93-09
    Iran def Germany 96-19
    Bangladesh def Germany 107-35

Closest Win: United Kingdom def South Korea 54-49

Results of all Matches: Pool Matches on Nov 19 and Nov 20, QF, SF and Final on Nov 21
Pool A: India, Canada, Thailand, West Indies

    Canada def West Indies 93-09
    Thailand def West Indies 63-26
    India def Canada 51-14
    India def West Indies 60-42
    Canada def Thailand 54-30
    India def Thailand 51-29

Pool B: Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, United Kingdom

    United Kingdom def Malaysia 6–37
    Japan def South Korea 43-28
    United Kingdom def South Korea 54-49
    Japan def Malaysia 66-14
    Japan def United Kingdom 56-28
    South Korea def Malaysia 58-34

Pool C: Bangladesh, Germany, Iran, Nepal

    Nepal def Germany 78-19
    Iran def Bangladesh 53-41
    Iran def Germany 96-19
    Bangladesh def Nepal 56-23
    Iran def Nepal 65-24
    Bangladesh def Germany 107-35

Quarterfinals: Nov 21

    India Bye
    Iran Bye
    Bangladesh def Japan 33-24
    Canada def United Kingdom 66-28

Semifinals and Final: Nov 21

    SF1: India def Bangladesh 39-19
    SF2: Iran def Canada 54-28
    Final: India def Iran 55-27

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