2010 Champions League Twenty20: CSK Announces Arrival at World Stage

The second edition of Champions League Twenty20 was a big challenge for Indian Twenty20 teams, considering at home they could not impress in the inaugural edition, and South African conditions have seen worse performances even from the best India XI too. Yet, surprising all, Indian teams were one of the best in the tournament, and CSK won the championships.

Champions League 2009
2010 Champions League Twenty20: Tournament Statistics
2010 Champions League Twenty20: CSK wins in South Africa

Team Performances
Chennai Super Kings
The Champions CSK did not lose any match. They played 6 matches on their way to championship and won 5, tying a match with Victoria. Among other records, CSK also scored the maximum runs in the tournament besides being the only team to have grabbed more than 50 wickets.

    Highest Score: 200/3 vs Wayamba
    Best Batsmen of Tournament: Murali Vijay (first) and Raina (4th)
    Best Two Bowlers of Tournament: Ashwin and Muralitharan
    Highest score (in an Innings) of Tournament: Raina (94*)
    Best Bowling in an inning of Tournament: Ashwin
    Best Batsman: Murali Vijay with 294 runs in 6 innings, 3 50s
    Best Bowler: Ashwin with 13 wickets in 6 innings
    50s: 8
    Wickets taken: 51 (6 matches)

The finalist South African team played 6 match, won all except their two matches against Chennai Super Kings, one during pool stage besides the Final match.

    Highest Score: 181/4
    Biggest Partnership of the tournament: Jacobs and Prince for 1st wicket
    Best Batsman: Jacobs with 286 runs in 6 innings, 3 50s
    Best Bowler: Theron with 8 witckets in 6 matches
    50s: 4
    Wickets taken: 33 (6 matches)

South Australia
The semifinalist South Australia was the second best team of the tournament winning 4 of their five matches. Unfortunately after successive 4 wins at group stage, their only loss came in the semifinal against Warriors.

    Highest Score: 191/6 vs Guyana
    Best Batsman: Klinger with 226 runs in 5 innings
    Best Bowler: Christian with 9 wickets in 5 innings
    50s: 7
    Wickets taken: 35

Royal Challengers Bangalore
The semifinalists Royal Challengers Bangalore played 5 matches, won 2 against Guyana and Lions, lost three against South Australia, Mumbai Indians and CSK in the semifinal.

    Highest Score: 160/4
    Best Batsman: Dravid with 141 runs in 4 innings, 1 half-century
    Best Bowler: Vinay Kumar with 5 wickets in 4 matches
    50s: 2
    Wickets taken: 23

The 2009 finalist Australian team could not reach the semifinal, and finished as the 5th best team of the tournament with 2 wins, one tie and one loss. They won against Central District and Wayamba, tied with Champion CSK and lost to finalist Warriors.

    Highest Score: 166/3
    Best Batsman: Finch with 197 runs in 4 innings, 1 half-century
    Best Bowler: Siddle with 6 wickets in 3 matches
    50s: 2
    Wickets taken: 25 (4 matches)

The South African team won two and lost two. They won against Guyana and Mumbai Indians, but lost against semifinalists South Australia and Royal Challengers Bangalore.

    Highest Score: 186/5
    Best Batsman: Petersen with 170 runs in 4 matches, 2 50s
    Best Bowler: Phangiso and O’Reilly with 4 wickets each 4 matches
    50s: 5
    Wickets taken: 17

Mumbai Indians
Mumbai Indians were in the Lions boat winning two and losing two. They won against RCB and Guyana, but lost to South Australia and Lions.

    Maximum Sixes by Batsmen in Tournament: Pollard (14)
    Highest Score: 184/4
    Best Batsman: Tendulkar with 148 runs in 4 innings, 1 half-century
    Best Bowler: Malinga with 6 wickets in 4 matches
    50s: 2
    Wickets taken: 20 (4 matches)

The Sri Lankan champions could win only one match, against CD) and lost their 3 matches to finalists CSK and Warriors, as well ass Victoria. They may rue their luck for being placed in the tough group.

    Highest Score: 153/9
    Best Batsman: Mubarak with 90 runs in 4 innings
    Best Bowler: Mendis with 5 wickets in 4 matches
    50s: 1
    Wickets taken: 18

Central District
The team from New Zealand finished at the bottom of group table and lost all the four group matches to CSK, Warriors, Victoria and Wayamba.

    Highest Score: 175/3
    Best Batsman: How with 188 runs in 4 innings, 2 50s
    Best Bowler: Bracewell with 4 wickets in 10.5 overs of 3 innings
    50s: 3
    Wickets taken: 16 (in 4 matches)

The West Indies team finished at the bottom of their group table losing all the four matches. They lost to RCB, MI, Lions and South Australia.

    Highest Score: 176/7 vs South Australia
    Best Batsman: Sarwan with 144 runs in 4 innings, 1 half-century
    Best Bowler: Bishoo with 5 wickets
    50s: 1
    Wickets taken: 12 (4 matches)

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