2010 Champions League Twenty20: Tournament Statistics

Pollard hit 72 in 30 balls with 9 sixes, yet he has to share fastest 50 record of tournament with other batsman. The tournament saw many more unexpected records. Here is a list of all the records.

Champions League 2009
2010 Champions League Twenty20: CSK wins in South Africa
2010 Champions League Twenty20: Team Performances

Team Records
Highest and Lowest Team Scores
Only once team score could touch 200. Central Districs achieved the dubious distinction of being bowled, twice, below 100.

    200/3 CSK vs Wayamba
    70 CD vs Wayamba
    94 CD vs CSK

Biggest & Narrowest Victories by Runs

    97 runs CSK def Wayamba
    2 runs MI def RCB

Biggest & Narrowest Victories by Wickets

    9 wkts RCB def Guyana
    5 wkts South Australia def MI

Batting Records
Maximum Runs
5 batsmen touched 200-run mark.

    294 Murali Vijay (CSK) in 6 innings.
    286 Davy Jacobs (Warriors) in 6 innings.
    226 Klinger (South Australia) in 5 innings.
    203 Raina (CSK) in 6 innings.
    200 Ferguson (South Australia) in 5 innings.

Highest Scores
In a tournament without centuries, two score of 90s were recorded. Overall 36 half-centuries were scored.

    94* Raina (CSK) vs RCB
    93* Finch (Victoria) vs CD
    88* How (CD) vs Warriors

Maximum Sixes

    14 Pollard (MI) in 4 innings
    12 Raina (CSK) in 6 innings
    10 Klinger (South Australia) in 5 innings
    10 Murali Vijay (CSK) in 6 innings

Fastest 50

    50 in 26 balls by Pollard (MI) vs Guyana
    50 in 26 balls by D Jacobs (Warriors) vs CD
    50 in 28 balls by McKenzie (Lions) vs MI
    50 in 29 balls by Raina (CSK) vs RCB

Bowling Records
Most Wickets
Only two bowlers could grab double-digit wickets in the tournament. Not surprisingly both belonged to chamion CSK. But , surprisingly on South African pitches, spinners were the highest wicket-takers.

    13 Ashwin (CSK)
    12 Muralitharan (CSK)

Most Runs Conceded in Inning
Three bowlers conceded 50 or more runs in an inning.

    54/1 in 3.1 overs by Bracewell (CD) vs Warriors
    52/0 in 4 overs by Ntini (Warriors) vs CD
    50/0 in 3 overs by S Jacobs (Guyana) vs South Australia

Best Bowling Figures
Five bowlers grabbed 4-wicket haul in an inning.

    4/18 Ashwin (CSK) vs Wayamba
    4/23 Christian (South Australia) vs RCB
    4/26 Raina (CSK) vs Victoria
    4/27 E O’Reilly (Lions) vs Guyana
    4/29 Siddle (Victoria) vs Wayamba

Other Records
Most Dismissals

    11 (6 stump + 5 catch) by Dhoni (CSK)

Maximum Catches

    6 by D Harris (South Australia)

Biggest Partnership
Eight 100-plus partnerships were recorded. Thirty 50-plus partnerships were scored.

    147 1st D Jacobs & Prince (warriors) vs CD
    137 2nd Vijay & Raina (CSK) vs Wayamba
    133* 2nd Petersen & R Cameron (Lions) vs Guyana
    124 1st D Harris & M Klinger (South Australia) v RCB
    112 1st D Harris & M Klinger (South Australia) v MI
    104 2nd D Jacobs & Ingram (Warriors( v South Australia
    103 1st M Hussey & Vijay (CSK) vs Warriors
    100* 4th How & Noema-Barnett (CD) vs Warriors

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