2010 Football World Cup: Spain Becomes the 8th Champion

South Africa hosted the 19th FIFA World Cup from 11th June to 11th July. South Africa became the first African nation to host the World Cup, ahead of Morocco and Egypt. The final represented two teams who have never won the tournament. In fact Spain reached their first final, while Netherlands had to be third time unlucky. World record 204 nations competed for qualification and 31 teams qualified, besides the host. The World Cup exposed the world to two new things, besides the enchanting Official Song Waka Waka of Shakira: Spain, the new champion, and the sound of Vuvuzela.

2014 Football World Cup Schedule and Results
History of All Previous Editions


    Golden Ball: Diego Forlán (Uruguay)
    Golden Boot: Thomas Müller (Germany)
    Golden Glove: Iker Casillas (Spain)
    Best Young Player: Thomas Müller (Germany)
    FIFA Fair Play Trophy: Spain

Tournament Facts

    Host: South Africa
    Matches: 64
    Goals Scored: 145
    Format: Group and Knockout
    Hattrick: Higuaín (Argentina vs South Korea) at Group,
    Extra Time: 3
    Penalty Shoot: 2
    Official Match Ball: Adidas Jabulani
    Official Mascot: Zakumi, an anthropomorphised African leopard with green hair
    Official Song: Waka Waka by Shakira

Tournament Statistics

    1. 2.27 goal per match is the lowest of any World Cup.
    2. First time held in Africa.
    3. Second time a reigning European Champion won the World Cup (After 1974).
    4. 5 goals Each: Diego Forlan (Uruguay), Thomas Mueller (Germany), Wesley Sneijder (Netherlands), David Villa (Spain).
    5. First time the host was eliminated in the first round.
    6. New Zealand with three draws was the only undefeated team, but was eliminated in the first round.
    7. Own Goals: Daniel Agger (Denmark Vs Netherlands)
    Park Chu-young (Korea Republic Vs Argentina)
    8. Wesley Sneijder (Netherlands) received maximum 4 Man of the Match awards.
    9. Spain became the first team to win World Cup after losing their opening match.
    10. Spain became the first European team to win outside their continent.


    Group A: Uruguay, Mexico, South Africa, France
    Group B: Argentina, South Korea, Greece, Nigeria
    Group C: United States, England, Slovenia, Algeria
    Group D: Germany, Ghana, Australia, Serbia
    Group E: Netherlands, Japan, Denmark, Cameroon
    Group F: Paraguay, Slovakia, New Zealand, Italy
    Group G: Brazil, Portugal, Ivory Coast, North Korea
    Group H: Spain, Chile, Switzerland, Honduras

Group A

    1. South Africa drew Mexico 1-1
    2. Uruguay drew France 0-0
    3. Uruguay def South Africa 3-0
    4. Mexico def France 2-0
    5. Uruguay def Mexico 1-0
    6. South Africa def France 2-1

Group B

    1. South Korea def Greece 2-0
    2. Argentina def Nigeria 1-0
    3. Argentina def 4-1 South Korea
    4. Greece def Nigeria 2-1
    5. Nigeria drew South Korea 2-2
    6. Argentina def Greece 2-0

Group C

    1. England drew USA 1-1
    2. Slovenia def Algeria 1-0
    3. Slovenia drew USA 2-2
    4. England drew Algeria 0-0
    5. England def Slovenia 1-0
    6. USA def Algeria 1-0

Group D

    1. Ghana def Serbia 1-0
    2. Germany def Australia 4-0
    3. Serbia def Germany 1-0
    4. Ghana drew Australia 1-1
    5. Germany def Ghana 1-0
    6. Australia def Serbia 2-1

Group E

    1. Netherlands def Denmark 2-0
    2. Japan def Cameroon 1-0
    3. Netherlands def Japan 1-0
    4. Denmark def Cameroon 2-1
    5. Japan def Denmark 3-1
    6. Netherlands def Cameroon 2-1

Group F

    1. Italy drew Paraguay 1-1
    2. New Zealand drew Slovakia 1-1
    3. Paraguay def Slovakia 2-0
    4. Italy drew New Zealand 1-1
    5. Slovakia def Italy 3-2
    6. New Zealand def Paraguay 0-0

Group G

    1. Ivory Coast drew Portugal 0-0
    2. Brazil def North Korea 1-1
    3. Brazil def Ivory Coast 3-1
    4. Portugal def North Korea 7-0
    5. Portugal drew Brazil 0-0
    6. Ivory Coast def North Korea 3-0

Group H

    1. Chile def Honduras 1-0
    2. Switzerland def Spain 1-0
    3. Chile def Switzerland 1-0
    4. Spain def Honduras 2-0
    5. Spain def Chile 2-1
    6. Switzerland drew Honduras 0-0

Round of 16

    1. Uruguay def South Korea 2-1
    2. Ghana def USA 2-1 (Extra Time)
    3. Germany def England 4-1
    4. Argentina def Mexico 3-1
    5. Netherlands def Slovakia 2-1
    6. Brazil def Chile 3-0
    7. Paraguay def Japan 5-3 (0-0) Penalties
    8. Spain def Portugal 1-0


    1. Netherlands def Brazil 2-1
    2. Uruguay def Ghana 4-1 (1-1) Penalties
    3. Germany def Argentina 4-0
    4. Spain def Paraguay 1-0

Semis and Final

    1. SF1: Netherlands def Uruguay 3-2
    2. SF2: Spain def Germany 1-0
    3. 3rd Place: Germany def Uruguay 3-2
    4. Final: Spain def Netherlands 1-0 (Extra Time)

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