2010 Women’s Hockey World Cup: Facts

Rosario, Argentina: The major force in Women’s Hockey, Argentina hosts the 12th Women’s World Cup Hockey at Rosario. Argentina is hosting the World Cup for the 2nd time. Here is information on some general facts, Rules and Formats of the 2010 World Cup.

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General Facts

    Duration: Aug 29-Sept 11 2010
    Host: Argentina
    Venue: Rosario
    Defending Champions: Netherlands
    No. of Teams: 12
    Matches: 38
    Goals: 153


    Argentina, South Africa, China, India, Netherlands, Germany, England, Spain, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Australia


    A: Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, India
    B: Argentina, China, Spain, England, Korea, South Africa

Two Rounds

    First Round: Round Robin of 6 teams divided into 2 pools.
    Second Round: Elimination Rounds (semifinal and final)

Other Matches: 5th to 12th classification after 1st Round.

Top 2 teams from each pool will move to second round, and play the two semifinals. The winners of semifinals play for the final, the losers play for 3rd place.


    Win: 3 points, Draw: 1 point, Loss: 0 point

Rules to Decide Winner in case of tie for spots in Round Robin
Following criteria, in sequence, are followed to decide winner:

    1. Total Points accumulated
    2. Number of matches won
    3. Goal difference
    4. Goals for
    5. Result of match played between the teams locked on first 4 criteria

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