BWF World Championship 2010: Chinese Flags Fly High in Paris

Paris, France: With the start of the World Badminton Championships 2010 there were speculations that with many participants from other countries being seeded in top 5 of all events, Chinese will face a tough time in proving their supremacy. On the 6th day of championship, China has sent 11 out of the 20 semifinalist teams. The Chinese Flag is flying high in Paris.

Out of the 5 events, the Mixed Doubles had 2 chinese semifinalists. Both have won their semifinals now. 7th and 8th seed Chinese pairs will play the finals of Mixed Doubles now.

In Women’s Singles, 7th seed Wang Lin has also booked her place in the final, defeating the 4th seed Tina Baun in the semifinal. Other Women’s Singles semifinal is between the 3rd and 6th seed Chinese. Like Mixed Doubles, Women’s Singles will be also all Chinese affair.

Women’s Doubles has 3 chinese pairs present in the semifinal. Even there one berth in final is booked for the Chinese. The 2nd finalist slot can also belong to Chinese if 2nd seed Jing Du and Yang (F) Yu can defeat 3rd seed Chinese Taipei pair.

Men’s Doubles also has 2 Chinese pair. The 4th seed Chinese pair will contest for final against the top seeds from Malaysia while the 5th seed Chinese pair will contest against the 2nd seeds from Indonesia. The top seeds from Malaysia defeated the 4th seed Chinese pair eventually and became the first top seed of any event to enter the finals in 2010.

Men’s Singles has just one Chinese represenetative. Jin Chen, the 4th seed, must defeat Danish Peter Hoeg Gade to make Chinese presence felt in Men’s Singles. And he did defeat 2nd seed Peter Gade to reach his 2nd consecutive final. He has already helped his country enter the final after the loss of his seniors who were top seeded and 3rd seeded. Now he can eye the trophy, specially after losing the final in 2009.

It may be tough to defeat top seeds 1 and 2 in semifinals. But, with the Chinese Flag flying high, the Chinese players can achieve even the impossible!! Don’t you agree!!

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