BWF World Championships 2010: How Many Countries Touched the Final 8!!

Paris, France: The teams for the finals have been finalized. With this further speculation comes to an end, and the wait for winner starts. Many countries participated in the World Championships 2010 in Paris. Yet, the final will have representation from only 3 countries, all Asian. Here is a list of which countries reached Quarterfinal and beyond in 2010.

Quarterfinals: 9 Countries Remarkably in QF 14 teams from China were present. 11 of them reached SF and 8 of them reached the final now. In QF besides China, (14 teams), there were teams from Denmark (5 teams), Korea (5 teams), Chinese Taipei (5 teams), Indonesia (3 teams), Japan (3 teams), Malaysia (2 teams), India (2 teams), France (1 team)

Semifinals: 5 countries: Representatives of Denmark (2 teams), Korea (2 teams), and Chinese Taipei (1 team) failed to past the Chinese Hurdle in semifinals. Even the 2nd seed Indonesian Men’s doubles team has to succumb to Chinese 5th seed.

Final: 3 Countries: China (8 teams), Indonesia and Malaysia (1 team each)

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