First-ever Cricket Triangular Series

Hyderabad, India: The first-ever official triangular tournament of Cricket was not a limited overs game. It was played in 1912. The 1912 Triangular Tournament was played for Test Matches between England, Australia and South Africa. But,being much ahead of the time audience did not encourage it much, making sure it never happens again. Englan won the tournament with 4 wins in their 6 matches. Being deemed a failure, further efforts were never made. Later Asia Cups tried to revive it with little success.

History of 50 overs Triangular Series

First Triangular Tournaments for Test Matches

    Venue: 1912 in England
    Participating Nations: England, Australia and South Africa
    Winner: England
    England won 4 of the 6 test matches and drew 2.
    Australia won 2 matches, lost 1 against England.
    South Africa could not win any and lost 5 tests.

Asia Cups
Asian Test Championships 1998-99 and 2001-02 are the only other instances where more than two countries participated in Test Cricket Championships.

Second Triangular Tournaments for Test Matches

    1998-1999 Asian Test Championships
    Participants: India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka (Bangladesh did not have ICC Test status then)
    Winner: Pakistan
    Runner’s Up: Sri Lanka
    Venue for Final: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Third Triangular Tournaments for Test Matches

    2001-02 Asian Test Championship
    Participants: Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka (India pulled out due to political tension with Pakistan)
    Winner: Sri Lanka
    Runner’s Up: Pakistan
    Venue for Final: Lahore, Pakistan

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