Ind Vs SL Head to Head: Series of more than 3 nations

India and Sri Lanka played their first match against each other in 1979 World Cup that was won by Sri Lanka. Since then till the end of 2017 bilateral ODI series, India has played maximum ODIs against Sri Lanka. They have played 155 ODIs against each other. Starting from 1979, when they played their first-ever ODI in World Cup match, they have been a regular opponents. Here is a list of ODI matches they have played against each other tournaments including more than 3 countries till the end of 2017 bilateral series.

India Vs SL Head-to-Head ODI Records


    8 matches in World Cups: Ind 4, SL 3, NR 1
    3 Matches in Champions Trophy: Ind 1, SL 1, NR 1
    7 Finals Played: Ind 4, SL 3, NR 1

World Cup

    1975, 1983 and 1987 did not play against each other
    1979 SL def Ind by 47 runs
    1992 Match was abandoned due to rain
    1996 SL def Ind by 6 wkts at Group Stage
    1996 Semifinal SL def Ind by 131 runs
    1999 Ind def SL by 157 runs at group Stage
    2003 Ind def SL by 183 runs in Super Six
    2007 SL def Ind by 69 runs
    2011 Ind def SL (in final) by 6 wickets

ICC KnockOut Champions Tournament

    2002: Ind and SL were declared joint winner after abandoned final.
    2013: Semifinal: India def Sri Lanka at Cardiff by 8 wickets.
    2017: Group Stage: SL def India by 7 wickets. Score: Ind 321/6, SL 322/3 (48.4)

Asia Cup – more than 3 teams
1988 Asia Cup – 4 teams Bangladesh

    SL won league match by 17 runs.
    Ind won final against SL by 6 wickets

1997 Asia Cup in SL- 4 teams

    SL def Ind by 6 wkts in league
    SL def Ind by 8 wkts in final

2000 Asia Cup in Bangladesh 4 teams

    SL won by 71 runs in league match

2004 Asia Cup in SL (Also called as Indian Oil Asia Cup)
6 teams participated

    SL def Ind by 12 runs in league match
    Ind def SL by 4 runs in SUper 4s
    SL won final by 25 runs

2008 Asia Cup in Pak (STAR Cricket Asia Cup) 6 teams

    Ind won by 6 wkts in Super 4s
    SL won in final by 100 runs

2010 Asia Cup in SL 4 teams

    SL def Ind by 7 wkts in league
    Ind def SL by 81 runs in final

2012 Asia Cup in Bangladesh 4 teams

    Ind def SL by 50 runs in League

2014 Asia Cup in Bangladesh 5 teams

    Sri Lanka def India by 2 wickets

Austral-Asia Cup at Sharjah
All 3 cups were won by Pakistan. The first cup involved the last ball 6 by Miandad of the bowling of Chetan Sharma to start a decade long domination of Pakistan over India.

    Ind def SL in semifinal by 3 wickets


    SL def Ind at group stage by 3 wickets

1994 Singer World Series in Sri Lanka
SL, Ind, Aus, Pak

    First match abandoned
    2nd match SL won by 7 wkts
    Final Ind won by 6 wkts

1995 Asia Cup, Sharjah (Pepsi Cup) 4 teams

    Ind def SL by 8 wkts in League
    Ind def SL by 8 wkts in final

1989/90 MRF World Series (Nehru Cup)
Pak def WI to win
(Australia, England, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies in India)

    Ind def SL by 6 runs

1993 C.A.B. Jubilee Tournament (Hero Cup)
Ind def WI to win the final
(India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Zimbabwe in India)

    Group Match Ind def SL by 7 wkts

1996 Singer World Series in Sri Lanka
SL, Ind, Aus, Zimbabwe

    Group Match SL won by 9 wickets

1997 Independence Cup in India
(Ind, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka)

    Group Match SL def Ind by 5 wkts

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