India says Dambulla is in England, Colombo in Sri Lanka

Dambulla, Sri Lanka: India has finished a 3-test series against Sri Lanka playing in Colombo and Galle. They managed to smile after levelling the series. The Triangular series started in Dambulla, which if one goes by Indian batting, appeared to be a town of England.

Taylor and Styris Milk India, Mills and Tuffy Bombard

India lost the first match of the triangular series. That is no big news. Conventional wisdom says that India always loses first match of the series. But, again the way of losing shocked Indian fans and also the world.

Recently England has given 3 lowest test scores of an innings within a span of 3 weeks. Australia gave 1 and Pakistan gave 2 in Test matches. India now has given the 4th low score of last one month, without going to England.

India played in Sri Lankan town Dambulla and managed to lose 10 wickets for just 88 runs. Nobody would forget that just few days back in the same Country, they have played a 3-test series which was full of batting records. So, how can Sri Lanka produce such a different pitch that supported fast bowlers so much that it reminded everyone of English pitches!!

Probably, the demon was in the mind of Indias. Besides being in a lazy mode, as usual, for the first match that too against New Zealand team, considered a B team for the tournament due to absence of 3 major stars, the nail in the coffin was the toss.

Tosses win matches in Dambulla. Almost everyone accepts that. Yet, can a team, claiming to be the new successor of the champions, Australia just leave the hope of a win after losing the toss!! It swuits a weaker team, not a team which considers itself one of the best in the world now.

Fortunately for Indians their remaining matches are also in Dambulla. In the next 3-matches they can show the world, criticizing them for a loss by 200 runs, that it was all just a matter of chance, nothing more.

If they cannot prove that in remaining matches, then their World Cup preparation will suffer a huge setback as Sri Lanka will host a lot of matches in the coming World Cup.

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