Pakistan Cricket Team – From Hunter to Prey in 10 days

Trent Bridge, England: Pakistan team is trying their best to recover from the past shaken by resignations of players and allegations of various types, besides the terror activities in their country. The team is always counted as one of the best teams of the world.

Fearless to Reckless
The best in the world in some matches and later the worst. This is the story of the most unpredictable team of the World. On their best day their weak team can defeat the strongest team as they play fearless cricket. But, on their bad days, which comes more often than good days, their fearless game turns into reckless Cricket. With that starts allegations, dumping of players, match fixing blames and upheaval in Pakistan beyond the Pakistan board, at times leading to their President too.

Abundance of Talent
All that is known to the World. Everyone appreciates the fact that despite such huge political interference Pakistan still manages to produce heavyweight cricketers. They are never short of talents, especially the fast bowlers. After a long time, they got the opportunity to play international cricket against top level teams.

The result of their international games was as surprising as it could get. Playing against Australia in England on neutral venue, they drew the 2-test match series 1-1. Now, they have just completed the first of the four tes series against the host England.

Pakistan bowling has always been one of the best in the world. They are proving it even with the current inexperienced team, whose only senior player Shahid Afridi has left them inbetween after losing first test against Australia. Now, their side is completely young.

The young side led by Salman Butt has played two tests in 10 days. In the first one under Salman Butt, Pakistani bowlers were the hunter, while in the second test under Salman Butt in a span of less than a week, the hunters turned prey to the strong English team.

88 and 80
With all credit to Pakistan, the test cricket has seen two of the lowest Test totals of the decade.

88 was the score on which the Pakistani pacers bundled out the mighty Australia for one of their lowest Test score, and won the test match to equalise the series. This was a great start for the new captain, Salman Butt with the young team.

80 was the score of Pakistan in the 1st test against England in the second inning. This is their lowest total against England. The hunters of Australia had turned soft prey against England. The same swining ball has taken a toll on their batting, exposing the chinks in the armor of the youth brigade. Following its tradition of interference and panicking, senior retired player, Yousuf has been sent immediately to join the team.

Bowlers Stand Out
Amidst the transition from hunter to prey, the bowlers remained exceptional enjoying the swing provided by the English weather. They troubled Australians in both the tests. Batsmen failed and hence Pakistan could just equalise the series. Likes of Asif and Aamer has tested the English also with superb bowling in the first test. Again the batsmen let Pakistan down, otherwise the match was for them to grab.

Hopefully with Yousuf in team, youth batsmen can take some cue how not to swing with swinging balls of English bowlers, and let Pakistan register the much needed series win.

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