SL Triangular Series: Record-Hungry Indians Gifted New Low Records

Dambulla, Sri Lanka: When it comes to records, it will be hard to find any other country so fascinated by records of individuals and teams. The fans scream the records achieved by individuals or momentary records achieved by Indian team. Consistency to remain on top does not matter much to Indian fans. No wonder Indian Cricket team handed over another record – another dubious one – to keep their fans busy.

India played their 3rd match of Micromax Sri Lanka Triangular Series in Dambulla, second against SL. Dhoni got lucky with the toss for the first time in the series and rushed to make his team bat, dreaming to give SL another thumping defeat by setting a huge score and imagining that as he fears the floodlights, SL will also crumble. Unfortunately, he forgot the way he is captaining his side now doubled with the non-improving attitude of a majority of his players a huge defeat was just awaiting them.

SL on the other hand was not only fighting the battle for survival in the tournament but were also more than keen to settle many on-field and off-field scores. They did it in style.

India Scored Their Lowest-ever ODI total in SL
Batting first, Sehwag was the first man to return. Later it became a topic of discussion as the umpiring was under question. Yet for the indian inning, that started the folding sequence. One after another, including the big-mouth Dhoni and and the lions of the future – Rohit Sharma, Karthik, Raina and not-to-forget the ONLY All-rounder available in entire India (according to Dhoni and/or BCCI) Ravinder Jadeja all went.

Yuvraj was the saving grace returning after defeating the Dengue Virus. SL blows were too much even for him as Malinga caught him plumb. Still he ended being the top-scorer. SL bowlers attacked from the first over. Malinga, Kulasekara, Mathews and then the hero of the match Perera – all fired missiles. Perera returned another 5-wicket haul by a Sri Lankan bowler against India.

SL Batsmen Maul India
Mahela must have opted to open against India in this match. Tharanga came as number 3. SL wanted to teach India cricketing lessons as if screaming come and beat us on-field. Off-field others can save you, who will save you on-field. In a series where almost all the bowlers of three teams have cherished first 15 overs, SL just needed 1 more ball than 15 overs to finish the game with 8 wickets in hand. How about reducing Indian matches to 20-20!! That is enough to win against them, that is what the Tiger’s message was at the end of the game, which saw them earn just one bonus point, despite the margin showing they should have got 2 bonus points.

India’s worst Defeat
SL finally handed over India their worst-ever defeat of ODI in terms of balls remaining. SL now is the biggest tormentor of India, home or away. They already hold the record of achieving the biggest defeat against India by runs also.

What Now For India!!
Shame should be the last thing, yet chance to claim some glory is still there. With 2 largest defeats of their ODI history, the ICC ranked 2 team (before the tournament) still is lucky to need just a victory against the New Zealand side in their last match. Yet, the Kiwis no more look depleted with their bwoling attack being the best of the three teams. India boasts of batting strength. In 2 matches their batsmen have been reduced to lesser than club class. Still, if their batsmen can still bother to rise a bit higher, India will be in the final with another chance to create some new record, probably with the view that enough of Low records, let us get some good records for the fans.

Match Facts and Scorecards

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