2011 Champions Challenge Men Hockey Tournament: Results

For the FIH Champions Challenge 1 2011 Men’s Hockey Tournament held in Johannesburg (South Africa) from 26 November – 4 December. Highest ranked team Argentina and host South Africa succumbed in semifinals, while India and Belgium, both from Group A, qualified for the final. Belgium emerged the winner of the tournament and qualify for Champions Hockey tournament. India failed to enter the coveted championship again since 2005. Check the results.

Participating Teams & World Ranking
Pool Points Table
Match Schedule

26 November: Pool Matches

    Canada def Malaysia (Pool B) 3-1
    Argentina v Japan (Pool B) 2-2
    India v Belgium (Pool A) 3-3
    South Africa def Poland (Pool A) 3-1

27 November: Pool Matches

    Argentina def Canada (Pool B) 3-2
    Malaysia v Japan (Pool B) 2-2
    Belgium def Poland (Pool A) 7-3
    India def South Africa (Pool A) 7-4

29 November: Pool Matches

    Japan def Canada (Pool B) 2-1
    Argentina def Malaysia (Pool B) 5-2
    India def Poland (Pool A) 7-0
    Belgium def South Africa (Pool A) 2-1

1 December: Quarterfinals

    Belgium def Canada 4-0
    Argentina def Poland 5-1
    India def Malaysia 5-4
    South Africa def Japan 3-2

2 December: Position rounds

    Poland def Canada 3-2
    Malaysia def Japan 2-1

3 December: Semifinal

    Belgium def Argentina 3-2 (Penalty shoot after 2-2 draw)
    India def South Africa 4-2

4 December: Final and Position Match

    7th/8th position Japan def Canada 7-2
    5th/6th position Malaysia def Poland 3-0
    3rd/4rh South Africa def Argentina 3-1
    Final: Belgium def India 4-3 (in extra time)

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