Lot more questions remained unanswered…..

I would not like to start with the cliches like ‘The Cricket has won‘ or ‘Tie was the best resultblah blah blah. We Indians need to be logical; neither over-critical nor utterly complacent. If we can’t defend a total of almost 340, then some serious introspection is required; High Time!!!
Let us not take anything away from England Skipper though; he was in ominous form and probably has played inning of his life. Indian bowlers, at the best, were ordinary. It was such a bad day for Indian captain on the field that he, along with the bowler, could’nt listen to the fine-edge flying off the Strauss’ blade when latter was batting on miniscule score. The salt was further rubbed on their wounds when a UDRS decision, against Bell, was turned down thanks to some ridiculous governing rules. Those two made Indians pay for the lapses and HOWww!!!
When all seems lost for the maverick skipper having a rare off day when he looked clueless from the out-set, his English counterpart gave him a sniffer in the form of Batting Powerplay. He turned to his premier fast bowler which in turn returned the plesantry. At the end, both the teams might be contend with one point each, but if post-match presentation was any indication, you might very well guess a ‘relative’ relieved captain.
Earlier in the day arguably the best batting line-up in current World Cup, led by God of Cricket, showcased a fine exhibition of batting where connoisseurs had it all. They were enthralled to witness powerful hitting, few cheeky shots and some immuculate placements. The English bowlers bore the brunt of Sachin and Co. as if they are some club-side ‘howlers’, with the exception of Tim Bresnan though. Their premium fast bowler, Ashes hero- Anderson, went on to embrace the dubious distinction of ‘most-expensive English bowler ever in WCs’.
Swan has been touted as ‘THE Best of the contemporary spinners’, but not so in Sachin’s book. Little Master bludgeoned him all over the park and Swan, as a result was never on a (Swan)Song. Though, Indians missed-out on even a bigger score after they lost 7 wickets in a heap trying to up the ante, but still 339 was always a daunting task for English-men. Well, its a different story that they almost reached to the finising line against some uninspiring Indian bowing. The best news, though,  that came for the Indian think tank and million ardent fans is some good form shown by Yuvraj, who still was not at its best but surely coming back to his pied-piper ways.
All said and done, Dhoni needs to find logical answers to some obvious questions, pretty soon!!!
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