Tendulkar’s 3rd Player of the Match against Pakistan!!

Tendulkar and Pakistan have a long history of contest. When the younger than young lad entered international cricket, his debut against Pakistan led to the retirement of their greatest spinner Abdul Qadir. Since Tendulkar started playing World Cup in 1992, Pakistan has lost 4 successive World Cup matches to India. Tendulkar was the lof the match in two of them.

Can India Break Semifinal Jinx at Home to Reach Final!!
India Pakistan World Cup Record
World Cup Semifinalists Performances

Tendulkar and India awaits another winning performance in the fifth World Cup match against Pakistan. Tendulkar has played all the four World Cup matches between India and Pakistan. He has faced the music of dreaded fast ball trio of Pakistan, including the legend Imran Khan and yet received Player of the Match with the winning short knock of less than fifty and dtaking a wicket too.

In 1996 andd 1999 World Cup, Sidhu and Venkatesh Prasad stole the show. But, in 2003 he was again ruthless in his match-winning knock of 98 against Pakistan. With contributions from other team members India easily chased the 250-plus target, and Tendulkar receive the Player of the Match award.

Pakistan must be planning hard to stop Tendulkar from playing the best knock from Indian side. Ironically, Tendulkar’s career average is lower against Pakisstan, than in matches against other countries.

Yet, in World Cup he has always rocked the Pakistani ship. His record againsst Pakistan in World Cup is one of the best when compared to players from other countries.

Indian fans and Tendulkar will not mind missing any ODI record. All would just wish another good memorable winning innning against Pakistan and take India to th the third final.

Scores against Pak in World Cup

    In 1992 he scored half-century and took a wicket.
    In 1996, Tendya scored 31 runs in 59 ballss with 3 boundaries, playing a cool partner to Sidhu’s heroics, and went wicketless in 5 overs.
    In 1999, he scored 45 runs in 65 balls with 5 boundaries, and did not bowl. He took a catch.
    In 2003 he scored nearly a century to seal the match for India.

Player of the Match Against Pakistan

    In test matches, he was the Man of the Match in famous Chennai test match of 1998/99, when he scored duck and century and took 3 wickets in the match.

    1992 World Cup, at Sydney scored 54* and took 1 wicket for 37 runs to help India win.
    2003 Centurion scored 98 to take India to 4th consecutive World Cup win over arch-rival Pakistan.

Player of the Match in Non-WC Matches Against Pak

    1996 Sharjah scored 118 and took 2 wickets.
    1996 Toronto Scored 89* and took a catch.
    1998 Dhaka scored 95, and took 3 wickets.
    2004 Rawalpindi scored 141 and went wicketless
    2008 Gwalior scored 97 runs

Can India Break Semifinal Jinx at Home to Reach Final!!
India Pakistan World Cup Record
World Cup Semifinalists Performances

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