Can New Zealand reach their first Final!

New Zealand, alongwith England and Pakistan, is in contention of meeting the Australians in the final. New Zealand have the toughest match of the tournament against the team-on-roll Australia.

3-Way Fight to the Final
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New Zealand on the other hand boasts of three top three finish. But, they have never made it to the final.

Current Results
New Zealand on the other hand started with a defeat against Pakistan (2-4), and lost third match to Great Britain (1-3), but drea against Korea (1-1) and defeated host, Malaysia (3-2) before destroying India (7-3).

Win and Depend on Other Results
New Zealand have a very tough task at hand, due to their poor performance in the first 4 matches. Huge win against last two year’s champion, India, has got them closer to their first final in the tournament. They have finished 3rd thrice (1995, 2003 and 2008). But, for the final to happen they first must pray for the defeat of Britain (against Korea) and Pakistan (against Malaysia). They playing the last group match of the tournament, they must defeat Australia. Goal difference would not matter then as a win can take them to 10 points, while Pakistan and Britain will remain stranded to 9 points, in case both lose.

Key Players
Jonathan Clarke, James Tindall and Robert Moore have been the prominent goal scorers in the team that has played like champions so far in the tournament.

Andrew Hayward, Nicholas Wilson and Matt have been the key player for the Kiwis, although the entire team has played like a competitive unit and fed each other.

Past Standings for New Zealand in Azlan Shah
Third: 3 (1995, 2003, 2008)

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