India’s Biggest Defeats Vs West Indies in ODI

After winning the series, the second string Indian team brought back the memories of great Indian collapse when they sufferred India’s worst defeat in West Indies, that too while chasing a target of mere 250 runs. Here are the top 10 defeats of India against West Indies by runs and Wickets.

India’s Biggest Victories Vs West Indies in ODI
India vs West Indies ODI Records: Lowest Scores

India’s Biggest Defeat Against West Indies by Runs

Margin Target Venue Year
135 316 Vijayawada 2002
104 334 Jamshedpur 1983
103 250 North Sound 2011
101 290 Georgetown 1989
96 274 Faridabad 1994

India’s Biggest Defeat Against West Indies by Wickets

Margin Target Venue Year
10 200 Bridgetown 1997
9 191 Birmingham 1979
9 240 Thiruvananthapuram 1988
8 241 Indore 1983
8 181 Sharjah 1985

* WI has registered 5 more 8-wicket victory over India in ODIs.

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