India Vs England 1933-34 Test Series: Statistics and Records

India managed a draw against a strong English side and that was not less than an upset at that time. Lala Amarnath became the first Indian to score a century, while Nissar continued his good form of 1932 series, although English spinner Verity spun India out of the series.

Results of Other Series
1933-34 Test Series: Verity Spins Out India
1933-34 Test Series: Results

Series Statistics

    Amarnath became the first Indian to hit a century.
    Amarnath became the first Indian to hit century on debut.
    Valentine became the first batsman to hit a century in the bilateral series history.
    Nissar grabbed another 5-wicket haul against England.
    Nichols became the first English bowler to grab 5-wkt against India.

Series Record

    Captains: Jardine (Eng), Nayudu (Ind)
    Wicketkeepers: H Elliott (Eng), Navle (Ind)
    Best Batsman: Walters (270), 221 (Jardine), Lala Amarnath (203)
    Best Bowler: 23 (Verity), 14 (Amar Singh)
    Highest Team Score: 438 (Eng), 258 (Ind)
    Lowest Team Score: 145 (Ind), 335 (Eng)
    Centuries: 3 (Eng 2, Ind 1)
    Half-centuries: 12 (Eng 7, Ind 5)
    5wkts in inning: 4 (2 each)
    10wkts in inning: 1 (Eng)

Team Records:

    India 219 and 258, 247 and 237 (f/o), 145 and 249
    England 438 and 40/1, 403 and 7/2, 335 and 261/7d
    Follow on: 1(India)

Batting Records

    Highest Centuries: 1 each by 3 batsmen
    Highest Ind. Score: 136 by Valentine
    136 Valentine (Eng), 118 by Lala Amarnath (Ind)- 1st Test
    102 Walters (Eng) – 3rd Test

Biggest (100-plus) Partnerships

    145 5th Jardine & Valentine (Eng)
    186 3rd Amarnath & Nayudu (Ind)
    111 1st Bakewell and Walters (Eng)

Bowling Records
Best Bowling in an Inning

    5/55 by Nichols (1st Test)
    5/90 by Nissar (1st Test)
    7/86 Amar Singh
    7/49 Verity
    5/63 Langridge

Best Bowling in a Test

    11/153 by Verity (Eng)

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