India at Edgbaston: 0-4 in 5 Tests

India has played 5 test matches at Birmingham, Edgbaston. 1967 and 1974 saw England completing whitewash in 3-test series after winning their third test at Birmingham, while in 1979 and 1996 England started the series with victory in the first tests of both series at Edgbaston. 1986 series earned India the only draw here, where India won the 3-test series by 2-0.

Indian Test Record at Edgbaston
Edgbaston Test Preview
Ind vs Eng 2011 Series Results

First Match 1967
This was the 3rd test of the series. India lost by 132 runs.

    Captains: Pataudi Jnr (Ind), D Close (Eng)
    Scorecard: Eng 298 & 203, Ind 92 & 277

The spin quadrat of Bedi, Chandra, Venkat and Prasanna bowled out England cheaply in both innings. But Indian batsmen could not handle the bowling of Snow, Brown, Illingworth, Hobbs and D Close.

    Facts: No centuries, no 5-wkt haul, no century partnerships
    50s: 75 (Barrington), 77 (Murray), 70 (Wadekar)

Second Match, 1974
Ind lost by an innings and 78 runs

    Captains: Wadekar (Ind), Denness (Eng)
    Scorecard: Ind 165 & 216, Eng 459/2

The third test of the series saw England winning an innings and 78 runs. India again could not bargain well against the English attack of Arnold, C Old, Hendrick, A Greig and Underwood, while English batsmen slaughtered the Indian attack that has Bedi, Venkat and Prasanna.

    Centuries: 214 (D Lloyd), 100 (Denness)
    50s: 64 (Engineer), 79 (Amiss), 51* (Fletcher), 77 (S Naik)
    Facts: No 5-wkt haul

Third Match, 1979
India lost by an innings and 83 runs

    Captains: Venkataraghavan (Ind), Brearley (Eng)
    Scorecard: Eng 633/5, Ind 297 & 253
    Player of the Match: David Gower

England scored mammoth 633/5, the highest score by any team on this ground. Kapil’s 5-wkt haul was the lone fight. No other Indian bowler could earn a wicket. Even after following on India fell 83 run short. Botham, Hendrick and Willis were too fast for Indian batsmen to stay long on the crease.

    Centuries: 200* (Gower), 155 (Boycott)
    50s: 83 (Gooch), 63* (G Miller), 61 & 68 (Gavaskar), 78 & 51 (Viswanath), 56 (Chetan Chauhan)
    5-wkt haul: 5/146 Kapil, 5/70 Ian Botham

Fourth Match, 1986 – Draw

    Captains: Kapil Dev (Ind), Mike Gatting (Eng)
    Scorecard: Eng 390 & 235, Ind 390 & 174/5
    Player of the Match: Gatting

The only drawn match for India on this ground saw both teams scoring identical total in first innings of the third and last test of the 3-test series with India already leading 2-0. Driven by 6-wicket haul of Chetan Sharma in the second innings, India got the target of 236 runs to win but were left stranded with 62 runs still needed.

    Centuries: 183* (Gatting)
    50s: 79 (Mohinder Amarnath), 64 (Azharuddin), 54 (Gavaskar)
    10-wkts: 10/188 Chetan Sharma
    5-wkt haul- 6/58 Chetan Sharma

Fifth Match, 1996
India lost by 8 wickets

    Captains: Azharuddin (Ind), Atherton (Eng)
    Scorecard: Ind 214 & 219, Eng 313 & 121/2
    Player of the Match: Nasser Hussain

The first test of the series saw India failing again to survive against the English attack and the bowlers failing at the last hurdle. C Lewis, Cork and Mullally humbled India on below 300-scores in both innings. Despite first Indian century on the ground by Tendulkar, England got a target of 121 runs in final innings that they scored easily.

    Centuries: 128 (Hussain), 122 (Tendulkar)
    50s: 52 (Srinath), 53* (Atherton)
    5-wkt – 5/72 C Lewis

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