2010 Champions League Twenty20: CSK wins in South Africa

The inaugural competion was a major learning lesson for the top three IPL teams. But in 2010, playing in South Africa two of the three Indian teams reached semifinal and Chennai Super Kings lifted the trophy.

2010 Champions League Twenty20: Tournament Statistics
2010 Champions League Twenty20: Team Performances

The 2010 tournament was a fitting reply to the questions on IPL and Champions League. Two Indian teams reached the semifinal and if they had not clashed against each other in the semifinal, athe final could have been an Indian affair. Even Mumbai Indians marginally lost the chance to reach semifinal.

Final between Indian team Chennai Super Kings and South African team Warriors was a fitting end to the BCCI-promoted Champions League organized in South Africa.

Unlike 2009 Australian dominance, South Africa and Victoria failed to get Australian flags flying during the final. None of the semi-finalists of 2009 could reach semifinal again.

In the clash among 10 teams from India (3 teams), South Africa and Australia (2 teams each), New Zealand, West Indies and Sri Lanka (one team each), teams from India, South African and Australia were far ahead of their competitors.

CSK and Victoria played the only tie of the tournament at Port Elizabeth. The closest match was between two Indian teams where Mumbai Indians pipped Royal Challengers Bangalore by 2 runs.

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