2012 T20 World Cup Statistics: Team Records

Check the 2012 T20 records for player of the matches, Highest and lowest team scores, and biggest victories.

T20 World Cup 2012: Schedule and Results
2012 T20 World Cup Statistics: Fielding and Bowling Records
2012 T20 World Cup Statistics: Batting Records
2012 T20 World Cup Statistics: Partnerships Records

Player of the Match

    Ajantha Mendis (6/8) SL vs Zim
    Shane Watson (51, 3/26) Aus vs Ire
    Virat Kohli (50) Ind vs Afg
    Kallis (4/15) vs Zim
    Brendum McCullum (123) vs Ban
    Luke Wright (99*) vs Afg
    AB de Villiers (30 and catch with run out)vs SL
    Shane Watson (2/29 and 41*) vs WI
    Jamshed (55) vs New Zealand
    Harbhajan Singh (4/12) vs England
    Imran Nazir (36-ball 72 runs) vs Bangladesh
    Dilshan (53-ball 76 runs) vs NZ
    James Charles (56-balls 84 runs) vs Eng
    Umar Gul (31 runs and a wicket) vs SA
    Watson (72 runs and 3 wickets) vs Ind
    Wright (72 runs) vs NZ
    Mahela (74* runs) vs WI
    Watson (47-ball 70 runs and 2 wickets) vs SA
    Virat Kohli (61-ball 78* and 1 wicket) vs Pak
    Sunil Narine (3/20) vs NZ
    Malinga (5/31) vs Eng
    Raza Hasan (2/14) vs Aus
    Yuvraj Singh (21 runs, 2/23)
    Mahela Jayawardene (42 runs) vs Pakistan in semifinal
    Chris Gayle (41-ball 75 runs) vs Aus in semifinal
    Samuels (56-all 78 runs) vs Sri Lanka in Final.

Highest Score
Scores above 125 runs

    205/4 WI vs Aus in semifinal
    196/5 Eng vs Afg
    191/3 NZ vs Ban
    191/8 WI vs Aus
    182/4 SL vs Zim
    179/5 WI vs Eng
    178/2 Pak vs Ban
    177/6 Pak vs NZ
    176/6 Ban vs Pak
    174/6 SL vs NZ
    174/7 NZ vs SL
    170/4 Ind vs Eng
    169/6 SL vs Eng
    164/4 Eng vs WI
    164/9 NZ vs Pak
    159/5 Ind vs Afghanistan
    152/6 Ind vs SA
    151 SA vs Ind
    150/9 Eng vs SL
    149/4 Eng vs NZ
    149/6 Pak vs Aus
    148/6 NZ vs Eng
    147/2 Aus vs SA
    146/5 SA vs Aus
    141/1 Aus vs Ind
    140/7 Ind vs Aus
    139/4 SL vs Pak in semifinal
    139/7 NZ vs WI
    139 WI vs NZ
    137/6 WI vs SL
    136/8 Pak vs SA
    133/6 SA vs Pak
    131 Aus vs WI
    130/1 SL vs WI
    129/2 Ind vs Pak
    129/5 WI vs SL
    128 Pak vs Ind

Lowest Score
Scores below 125 runs

    80 Eng vs India
    80 Afg vs England
    93/8 (20 overs) Zim vs South Africa
    101 SL vs WI in Final
    117/7 Aus vs Pak
    123/7 (20 overs) Ire vs Aus
    123/7 (20 overs) Pak vs SL in semifinal

Biggest Victories
By Runs

    116 runs Eng def Afg
    90 runs Ind def Eng
    82 SL def Zim at Group Stage
    74 runs WI def Aus in semifinal
    59 runs NZ def Banladesh
    36 runs WI def SL in final
    32 runs Pak def Aus
    23 runs Ind def Afg at Group Stage

By Wickets

    10 wicksts South Africa def Zimbabwe at Group Stage
    9 wickets Aus def Ind, SL def WI in Super Eight
    8 wickets Pak def Ban, Aus def SA, Ind def Pak in Super Eight
    7 wickets Aus def Ireland at Group Stage

By Balls Remaining

    44 South Africa def Zimbabwe at Group Stage
    32 Ind def England at Group Stage
    31 Aus def Ind in Super Eight
    29 Aus def Ire at Group Stage
    28 SL def WI in Super Eight

Narrowest Victories
Less than 3 wickets, 15 runs or 6 balls remaining

    1 run Ind def SA
    13 runs Pak def NZ
    SL won in Super Over vs NZ in Super Eight
    WI won in Super Over vs NZ in Super Eight

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