2012 Women World Cup Kabaddi: Results

16 teams divided into 4 pools of 4 team each contested for the first World Cup of Women’s Kabaddi. Asian Kabaddi Champion, India emerged as the winner of the tournament. Check the complete results.

Women World Cup Kabaddi Fact File
Indian Squad
Pools and Points Table

Knockout Results

    4th March:
    Final: India def Iran 25-19
    Semifinals: India def Japan 60-21
    Iran def Thailand 46-26
    Ind def Indonesia 66-20
    Japan def Bangladesh 17-15
    Thailand def Sri Lanka 30-18
    Iran def Korea 40-16

Pool A Results

    1st Mar: India def Korea 38-14
    2nd Mar:
    Taipei def Mexico 88-21
    Ind def Taipei 43-18
    3rd Mar:
    Kora def Taipei 33-29
    Ind def Mexico 49-23

Pool B Results

    2nd Mar:
    Thailand def Turkmenistan 64-19
    Japan def Canada 29-08
    Japan def Turkemenistan 51-10
    Thailand def Canada 44-14
    3rd Mar:
    Thailand def Japan 21-20
    Canada def Turkmenistan 68-27

Pool C Results

    2nd Mar: Bangladesh def Malaysia 70-30
    Sri Lanka def Italy 75-13
    Sri Lanka def Malaysia 74-11
    Bangladesh def Italy 85-11
    3rd Mar:
    Italy def Malaysia 57-55
    Bangladesh def Sri Lanka 38-26

Pool D Results

    2nd Mar:
    Iran def Nepal 53-20
    Indonesia def USA 78-31
    Indonesia def Nepal 60-30
    Iran def USA 50-38
    3rd Mar:
    Iran def Indonesia 57-28
    Nepal def USA 72-50

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