Pakistan Needs Asia Cup to Gain Respect

Pakistan is playing the Asia Cup final for the third time only. They have already won the World Cup once, and lost the final on other occasion. Yet, 2012 Asia Cup trophy they need to get the respect in World Cricket again. Pakistan has been unpredictable yet one of the most dominant Cricketing nations winning 20 tournaments, yet since 2003 they have only been able to win only one trophy. Asia Cup is their best chance to get back in the champions mode and get back their due respect in World Cricket.

Bangladesh ODI history

Awaiting Third Asia Cup Final
Pakistan has underperformed in Asia Cup winning only once, and reaching the final only twice. Even their record against Sri Lanka and India is not respectable in Asia Cup. Despite being a dominant force in World Cricket, Asia Cup has not seen the regular Pakistani talent. They have won only in 2000. Playing their third final in Asia Cup, they would expect to continue their good ODI record against the opponents and hosts, Bangladesh.

Pakistan’s ODI History
Pakistan has played 768 ODIs winning 437 and losing 332 matches. They have tied 6 matches.

Against Test-Playing Nations
Pakistan has played 746 ODIs, won 415, lost 331, tied 6, and 16 produced no result.

Country Matches Won Loss Tied NR
Sri Lanka 127 76 47 1 3
India 121 69 48 0 4
West Indies 120 52 66 2 0
New Zealand 89 51 35 1 2
Australia 86 30 52 1 3
England 72 28 42 0 2
South Africa 57 18 38 0 1
Zimbabwe 44 40 2 1 1
Bangladesh 30 29 1 0 0

Against Associates
Pakistan has played 22 ODIs against Associates, winning 22 and losing 1 matches. Ireland is the only Associate to have won against them.

Country Matches Won Loss NR
Kenya 6 6 0 0
Netherlands 3 3 0 0
Ireland 3 2 1 0
Scotland 2 2 0 0
Canada 2 2 0 0
UAE 2 2 0 0
Hong Kong 2 2 0 0
Afghanistan 1 1 0 0
Namibia 1 1 0 0

Pakistan’s ODI Trophies
Besides the 1992 World Cup, Pakistan has won 19 more ODI tournaments.

    John Player Triangular Tournament in Sri Lanka
    Austral-Asia Cup in UAE
    Champions Trophy in UAE
    MRF World Series (Nehru Cup) in India


    Austral-Asia Cup in UAE
    Wills Trophy in UAE (Twice 1992/93 and 1993/94)
    Pepsi Austral-Asia Cup in UAE
    Singer Cup in Singapore
    Singer Champions Trophy in UAE
    Pepsi Cup in India
    Coca-Cola Cup in UAE
    Coca-Cola Champions Trophy in UAE


    Cable & Wireless One Day International Series in West Indies (2000)
    Asia Cup in Bangladesh (2000)
    Khaleej Times Trophy in UAE (2001/02)
    Sharjah Cup in UAE (2001/02)
    Cherry Blossom Sharjah Cup in UAE (2002/03)
    Kitply Cup in Bangladesh (2008)

Strong Contender for 2012 Asia Cup
Considering their performance in the last two years, Pakistan has emerged as one of the best international teams. Considering Bangladesh as opponent may be still a boost for them, as when India and Sri Lanka lost the games they have managed to snatch victory against the hosts in the first match of the series.

Besides that their last international tournament victory took place in Bangladesh when they won the Kitply Cup in 2008, and not to forget their only Asia Cup tournament victory also happened in Bangladesh only.

Yet, considering the hosts are their opponent in the final, for the first time, Pakistan will face hostile crowd in the final, besides the most disciplined team of the tournament – Bangladesh as the challenge before they could won their 21st international tournament.

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