2013 Sultan Azlan Shah: Match Results

Sultan Azlan Shah tournament in Malaysia from 9-17 March saw 6 nations contesting for the Gold medal. Check the complete results. Australia increased its record tournament win, Malaysia again failed to win the final, defending champpion New Zealand finished 4th, while Pakistan finished last for the 2nd consecutive year.

Azlan Shah Tournament 2013: Fact File
Points Table
Past Winners
Indian Squad
Goal Scorers of the Tournament

March 9 Results

    Match 1: Pakistan def New Zealand 4-3
    Goal Scorers:Pak: Muhammad Imran (19th, 28th, 58th), Abdul Haseem Khan (21st), NZ: Kane Russel (30th), Blair Tarrant (52nd), Andy Hayward (55th)
    Match 2: Australia def India 4-3
    Goal Scorers: Aus: Matt Ghodes (24th, 39th), Glenn Simpson (38th), Trent Milton (53rd) Ind: Rupinderpal Singh (40th, 68th), Malak Singh (51st)
    Match 3: Malaysia def Korea 3-2
    Goal Scorers: Malaysia: Faisal (20th), Chua Boon Huat (68th, 69th), , Korea: Nam Hyun Woo (57th), Yon Sung Hoon (68th)

March 10 Results

    Match 4: Malaysia def New Zealand 2-1
    Goal scorers: Malaysia: Chua (40th), Tengku Ahmad (44th), NZ: Shay Neal (65th)
    Match 5: Korea def India 2-1
    Goal scorers: Kor: Kang Moon Kweon (29th & 58th), Ind: Malak Singh (39th)
    Match 6: Australia def Pakistan 6-0
    Goal scorers: Daniel Mirecki (8th), Matt Ghodes (9th), Jacob Whetton (17th & 36th), Daniel Beale (45th), Nicholas (61st)

March 12 Results

    Match 7: New Zealand def Korea 3-0
    Goal Scorers:NZ: Hugo Inglis (4th), Cory Bennett 12th), Andy Hayward (42nd)
    Match 8: India def Pakistan 3-1
    Goal Scorers: Ind: Rupinder pal Singh (6th), Akashdeep Singh (9th), Mandeep Singh (56th), Pak: Md Waqas (3rd)
    Match 9: Malaysia 1-1 Australia
    Goal Scorers: Aus: Trent Mitton (34th), Mal: Faisal (69th)

March 14 Results

    Match 10: Aus 3-3 Korea
    Goal Scorers: Kor: Nam Hyun Woo (35th), Lee Seung II (58th), Aus: Joshua Miller (41st, 58th), Nicholas Budgeon (43rd) (own goal), Timothy Deavin (70th)
    Match 11: NZ def Ind 2-0
    Goal Scorers: NZ: Andy Hayward (40th), Cory Bennett (57th)
    Match 12: Malaysia 2-2 Pakistan
    Goal Scorers: Mal: Faisal (6th), Mohd Razie Rahim (53rd)
    Pak: Muhammad Imran (15th), Shafqat (62nd)

March 16 Results

    Match 13: Korea 2-2 Pakistan
    Goal Scorers: Pak: Salman Hussain (17th), Abdul Haseem Khan (47th), Muhammad Irfan (53rd) (Own goal)
    Korea: Hyun Hye Sung (39th)
    Match 14: Australia def New Zealand 3-2
    Goal Scorers: Aus: Jacob Whetton (37th & 38th), Matt Ghodes (42nd)
    NZ: Jacob Smith (27th), Cory Bennett (56th)
    Match 15: Malaysia 2-2 India
    Goal Scorers: Ind: Mandeep Singh (20th), Rupinder Pal Singh (37th)
    Mal: Faizal Saari (6th & 70th)

March 17th
5th place

    Result: Ind def Pak 4-2
    Goal Scorers: Ind: Rupinder Pal Singh (6th & 62nd), Akashdeep Singh (35th), Malak Singh (44th)
    Pak: Imran (8th), Kashif Shah Syed (46th)

Bronze Medal

    Result: Korea def New Zealand 2-1
    Goal Scorers: Korea: Hyun Hye Sung (33rd), Nam Hyun Woo (58th)
    NZ: Stephen Jenness (41st)

Gold Medal

    Result: Australia def Malaysia 3-2
    Goal Scorers: Mal: Faizal Saari (6th), Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin (49th)
    Aus: Nicholas Budgeon (29th), Craig Boyne (30th), Trent Mitton (70th)

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