2014 Football World Cup: Groups and Team Qualification

32 teams are divided into 8 groups in FIFA World Cup 2014. Two of the top teams from each group qualify for the Round of 16.

2014 World Cup Schedule and Results
Who Reached Top Four in Previous Editions!!

How They Qualified
Among the 6 zones, apart from OFC all the other zones sent teams.

    Host: Brazil
    AFC (4): Australia, Iran, Japan, South Korea
    CAF (5): Algeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria
    CONCACAF (4): Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, United States
    CONMEBOL (6): Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Uruguay
    UEFA (13): Belgium, Croatia, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Russia

Groups and Teams
Team (R) = Team (Ranking)
Ranking based on FIFA list of 6th June, 2014.

Groups Team (R) Team (R) Team (R) Team (R)
Group A Brazil (3) Croatia (18) Mexico (20) Cameroon (56)
Group B Spain (1) Chile (14) Netherlands (15) Australia (62)
Group C Colombia (8) Greece (12) Ivory Coast (23) Japan (46)
Group D Uruguay (7) Italy (9) England (10) Costa Rica (28)
Group E Switzerland (6) France (17) Ecuador (26) Honduras (33)
Group F Argentina (5) Bosnia and Herzegovina (21) Iran (43) Nigeria (44)
Group G Germany (2) Portugal (4) United States (13) Ghana (37)
Group H Belgium (11) Russia (19) Algeria (22) South Korea (57)

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