1950 Football World Cup: Post World War, Uruguay Wins Again

Held after a gap of 12 years due to 2nd World War, Brazil hosted the tournament. The trophy was first time named Jules Rimet Cup to pay respect to Presidency of FIFA Jules Rimet on his 25th anniversary. Against Germany, Brazil was selected as host because of South America’s turn to host. Brazil, the host, and Italy, the defending champion were qualified automatically. Among remaining, seven were allocated to Europe, six to the Americas, and one to Asia. Uruguay participated for second time, and won again, while Ademir of Brazil equaled record of maximum goals in a World Cup match.

2014 Football World Cup Schedule and Results
History of All Previous Editions

For the first and only time, India qualified for the Football World Cup. But Indian team decided against traveling despite FIFA agreeing to bear major part of the travel expense, as it valued Olympics over FIFA World Cup.

Tournament Facts

    Host: Brazil
    Matches: 22
    Goals Scored: 88
    Format: Group and Knockout
    Hattricks: Miguez (Uruguay vs Bolivia) at Group, Ademir (Brazil vs Spain)

Tournament Statistics

    1. Miguez (Uruguay Vs Bolivia) scored a hattrick.
    2. Ademir (Brazil vs Sweden) became 2nd player to score 4 goals in a World Cup match.
    3. 8 goals by Ademir (Brazil) was the highest for a player.
    4. Jose Parra (Spain vs Brazil) scored own goal.
    5. 88 goals scored in 22 matches.


    Group 1: Brazil, Mexico, Switzerland and Yugoslavia
    Group 2: England, Chile, Spain and the United States
    Group 3: Italy, India, Paraguay and Sweden (India withdrew)
    Group 4: Uruguay, Bolivia and France

Group 1

    1. Brazil def Mexico 4-0
    2. Yugoslavia def Switzerland 3-0
    3. Brazil drew Switzerland 2-2
    4. Yugoslavia def Mexico 4-1
    5. Brazil def Yugoslavia 2-0
    6. Switzerland def Mexico 2-1

Group 2

    7. England def Chile 2-0
    8. Spain def USA 3-1
    9. Spain def Chile 2-0
    10. USA def England 1-0
    11. Spain def England 1-0
    12. Chile def USA 5-2

Group 3

    13. Sweden def Italy 3-2
    14. Sweden drew Paraguay 2-2
    15. Italy def Paraguay 2-0

Group 4

    16. Uruguay def Bolivia 8-0
    France Withdrew

Final Round

    17. Uruguay drew Spain 2-2
    18. Brazil def Sweden 7-1
    19. Brazil def Spain 6-1
    20. Uruguay def Sweden 3-2
    21. Sweden def Spain 3-1
    22. Final: Uruguay def Brazil 2-1

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