FIFA World Cup: When Brazil was Knocked out in the First Round!!

Today, nobody can even imagine that Brazil could be knocked out at Group Stage, and why not!! They deserve the respect and faith. But as they stand at the edge of being knocked out, if they lose the last match of 2014 World Cup, the readers should know how and when Brazil were knocked out in the first round of three previous world cups. Let us see the squads of the three world cups and how it went wrong in 1930, 1934 and 1966 World Cups.

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Brazil won the 1958 and 1962 World Cup. After reaching the peak of World Cup Football they faced the unthinkable in 1966 World Cup at England, when they were eying a hattrick of World Cup Wins. They were knocked out in the first round at Group Stage. Before that they were in 1930 and 1934 they were knocked out in the first round.

In 1930 and 1934 Brazil were not one of the most strongest teams at World arena. In 1930 they lost at the group stage, as in 1966 World Cup. But in 1934 it was knockout event from the first round and they lost the first match.

1930 World Cup
Placed with Yugoslavia and Bolivia in Group 2, among the 14 participating teams. all of them were playing on invitation, and Brazil was one of the four seeded nations. Only the winner of the group was set to qualify for next round. Yugoslavia won both the matches.

Preguinho scored the only goal for Brazil against Yugoslavia in the losing cause. Even aginst Bolivia he scored 2 goals. Moderator scored the other two Brazilian goals.
Match Results

    Yugoslavia def Brazil 2-1
    Brazil def Bolivia 4-0

Squad of Brazil in 1930

    Head coach: Píndaro de Carvalho Rodrigues
    Captain: Preguinho
    Goalkeeper: Joel, Velloso
    Forward: Araken, Benedicto, Manoelzinho, Moderato, Nilo, Poly, Preguinho, Russinho, Teophilo
    Defender: Ze Luiz, Oscarino, Italia, Brilhante
    Midfielder: Fauso, Fernando, Fortes, Hermogenes, Ivan Mariz, Pamplona

1934 World Cup
In Italy, they could not proceed beyond 1st round where in the knockout they lost to Spain. Leonidas scored a consolation goal.
Match Results

    Spain def Brazil 3-1

Squad of Brazil in 1934

    Head coach: Luiz Vinhaes
    Captain: Martim*
    Goalkeeper: Pedrosa, Germano
    Forward: Armandino, Attila, Carvallho Peite, Leonidas, Luisinho, Patesko, Waldemar de Britto
    Defender: Luiz Luz, Octacílio, Pamplona, Sylvio Hoffman
    Midfielder: Ariel, Almeida, Bile, Canalli, Martim, Tinoco, Waldyr

1966 World Cup
They had not lost a single match in the last two editions when they consecutively won the World Cup. But in 1966 World Cup, something went terribly wrong for Brazil.
Placed in Group 3 with Portugal, Hungary and Bulgaria, they could only win one match against Bulgaria and lost the other two, finishing 3rd, scoring 4 goals and conceding 6 goals.

Pele and Garrincha scored in the winning match, while Tostao (Vs Hungary) and Rildo (Vs Portugal) scored in the lost matches.
Match Results

    Def Bulgaria 2-0
    Lost to Hungary 3-1
    Lost to Portugall 3-1

Squad of Brazil in 1966

    Head coach: Vicente Feola
    Captain: Bellini
    Goalkeeper: Manga, Gilmar
    Forward: Pele, Garrincha, Alcindo, Silva, Parana, Edu
    Defender: Djalma Santos, Fidelis, Bellini, Brito, ALtair, Orlando, Rildo, Paulo Henrique
    Midfielder: Gérson, Denílson, Lima, Zito, Jairzinho, Tostao

*Name of Captain: Courtsey Saurav Saha, the great Brazilian Football Team fan from India

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