Asian Games 2014: Day 3 Complete Schedule

27 Gold medal events in 11 Sports are scheduled for September 22. The third day of Asian Games 2014 will see athletes of 23 Sports in action.

Games in Action on Day 3
Medal Events

    Swimming (6), Synchronized Swimming (1), Badminton (1), Cycling Track (1), Fencing (2), Gymnastics Artistic (1), Jud0 (5), Sepaktakraw (2), Shooting (4), Weightlifting (2) and Wushu (2)

Qualifying Games

    Water polo, Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Handball, Hockey, Rowing, Squash, Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Volleyball.

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Indian Contingent

All Timings are in Korean Standard Time

Men’s Preliminary Round

    12:30 Hong Kong vs Chinese Taipei
    18:30 China vs Japan
    18:30 Thailand vs Korea


    12:00 Men’s Team Semifinal China vs Malaysia
    12:00 Men’s Team Semifinal Korea Chinese Taipei
    18:30 Women’s Team Final China vs Korea

Men’s Qualifying Round

    14:00 Group A Kuwait vs Mongolia
    14:00 Group B Saudi Arabia vs Palestine
    16:15 Group A Hong Kong vs Maldives
    16:15 Group B Kazakhstan vs India

Beach Vollyball
Men’s Preliminary

    09:00 Pool G: Afghanistan vs Kuwait
    10:00 Pool G: Indonesia vs Thailand
    11:00 Pool D: Maldives vs Korea
    11:00 Pool D: Kazakhstan vs Hong Kong
    12:00 Pool H: Qatar vs Thailand
    12:00 Pool H: Maldives vs Tajikistan
    15:00 Pool A: Kazakhstan vs Malaysia
    16:00 Pool C: China vs Indonesia
    16:00 Pool C: Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka
    17:00 Pool B: Qatar vs Sri Lanka
    17:00 Pool B: Bangladesh vs Cambodia

Women’s Preliminary

    13:00 Pool C: Kazakhstan vs Thailand
    14:00 Pool B Thailand vs Hong Kong

Women’s Group Match

    Group D Nepal vs Malaysia
    Group C Hong Kong vs Korea

Cycling Track: 2 Gold Medals
Women’s Team Pursuit

    16:00 First Round Heat 1-4
    17:40 Gold
    17:40 Bronze
    17:40 Finals 5-6
    17:40 Finals 7-8

Men’s Sprint

    10:00 Qualifying
    11:10 1/16 Finals – Heat 1-9
    16:24 1/8 Finals Heat 1 – 6
    17:24 1/8 Final Repechages – Heat 1-2
    17:55 Race for 9-12 Places

Men’s Omnium

    10:35 15km Scratch Race
    16:42 4km Individual Pursuit
    18:18 Elimination Race

Fencing: 2 Gold Medals
Men’s Foil Individual Prelims, Round of 16, Semifinal and Final

    Women’s Epee Individual Prelims, Round of 16, Semifinal and Final

Men’s Qualifying

    17:00 Group B Afghanistan vs Uzbekistan
    17:00 Group B Hong Kong vs Bangladesh
    17:00 Group G India vs Jordan
    17:00 Group H Vietnam vs Kyrgyzstan
    20:00 Group E Indonesia vs Thailand
    20:00 Group E Maldives vs Timor Leste
    20:00 Group F China vs Pakistan

Women’s Qualifying

    20:00 Group B Chinese Taipei vs Japan
    20:00 Group B China vs Jordan

Gymnastics Artistic: 1 Gold medal

    11:00 Women’s Ind. Qualification & Team Final – Subdivision 1
    14:00 Women’s Ind. Qualification & Team Final – Subdivision 2
    17:00 Women’s Ind. Qualification & Team Final – Subdivision 3

Men’s Qualifying

    10:00 Group B Iran vs Kuwait
    12:00 Saudi Arabia vs Bahrain
    14:00 UAE vs Oman
    16:00 Chinese Taipei vs Korea
    18:00 China vs Qatar
    20:00 India vs Japan

Women’s Qualifying

    14:00 Kazakhstan vs Uzbekistan
    16:00 Korea vs Thailand
    18:00 Maldives vs Hong Kong
    20:00 India vs China

Women’s Qualifying

    13:00 Pool A China vs Malaysia
    15:00 Pool B Japan Vs Hong Kong
    17:00 Pool A India vs Thailand
    19:00 Pool B Korea vs Kazakhstan

Judo: 5 Gold Medals
Elimination to Final

    Women’s 78 Kg
    Men’s 90 Kg
    Women’s +78 Kg
    Men’s 100 Kg
    Men’s +100 Kg


    10:00 Lightweight Men’s Single Sculls Repechage 1
    10:10 Lightweight Men’s Single Sculls Repechage 2
    10:20 Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls Repechage 1
    10:30 Lightweight Women’s Quadruple Sculls Repechage 1
    10:40 Men’s Quadruple Sculls Repechage 1

Gold medal Matches

    09:00 Women’s Laos vs Myanmar
    11:00 Korea vs Myanmar

Shooting: 4 Gold Medals

    09:00 10m Air Rifle Women’s Qualification
    09:00 10m Air Rifle Women’s Team Finals
    09:00 25m Pistol Women’s Qualification – Precison
    09:00 25m Pistol Women’s Team Finals
    11:00 25m Pistol Women’s Qualification – Rapid
    11:30 10m Air Rifle Women’s Finals
    14:15 25m Pistol Women’s Semifinal
    Onwards 25m Pistol Women’s Bronze Medal Match
    Onwards 25m Pistol Women’s Gold Medal Match


    14:00 Women’s Singles David Nicol Ann (Malaysia) vs Pallikal Dipika Rebecca(India)
    16:00 Au Wing Chi Annie (Hong Kong) vs Low Wee Wern (Malaysia)
    16:00 Men’s Singles Saurav Ghosal (India) Vs Ong Beng Hee (Malaysia)
    17:00 Almezayen (Kuwait) vs Lee Ho Yin (Hong Kong)

Swimming: 6 Gold Medals

    09:00 Women’s 50m Butterly Heat 1-3
    Followed by
    Men’s 50m Backstroke – Heat 1 – 4
    Women’s 100m Freestyle Heat 1-4
    Men’s 200m Individual Medley – Heat 1-3
    Women’ 200m Individual Medley 0 – Heat 1-3
    Women’s 200m Breaststroke 1-2


    19:00 Women’s 50m Butterfly Final
    19:06 Men’s 50m Backstroke Final
    19:24 Women’s 100m Freestyle Final
    19:40 Men’s 200m Individual Medley
    19:57 Women’s 200m Breaststroke
    20:24 Men’s 4x 200m Freestyle Relay

Synchronized Swimming
15:00 Team Free Routine – Final

Men’s Team Quarterfinal

    10:30 Kazakhstan vs India
    10:30 Uzbekistan vs Lprea
    10:30 Thailand vs Japan
    10:30 China vs Chinese Taipei

Women’s Team Quarterfinal

    10:30 China vs Hong Kong
    10:30 Korea vs Japan
    10:30 Chinese Taipei vs Thailand
    10:30 CHina vs Hong Kong
    10:30 India vs Kazakhstan

Women’s Preliminary Round

    13:00 Group A India vs Japan
    15:30 Group B Hong Kong vs Kazakhstan
    18:00 Group B Maldives vs Chinese Taipei

Men’s Preliminary Round

    14:00 Group B Kuwait vs Saudi Arabia
    16:00 Maldives vs Hong Kong
    18:00 Thailand vs Turkmenistan

Weightlifting: 2 Gold Medals
Men’s 69 Kg Preliminary to Finals

    14:00 Group B
    19:00 Group A

Women’s 58 Kg Preliminary to Finals

    16:00 Group A

Water Polo
Women’s Round Robin

    15:00 Kazakhstan vs Japan
    17:00 China vs Uzbekistan
    19:00 Hong Kong vs Singapore

Wushu: 2 Gold Medals

    09:00 Nanguan/Nangun
    Prelims to finals


    09:00 Taijijian/Taijiquan
    Prelims to finals

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