India vs Pak Hockey Record at Champions Trophy

India’s biggest tormentors in Champions Trophy has been Germany and Australia, but their biggest challenge has been the arch rivals Pakistan. Except 2016, when Pakistan did not qualify both played in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2012, 2014 and 2018.

Ind vs Pak Hockey Record: Bilateral Test Series
Global Tournaments: Olympics, World Cup, Hockey World League, Commonwealth Games, Afro-Asian Games, Azlan Shah
Asian Tournaments: Asian Games, Asian Champions Trophy, South Asian Games, Asia Cup
Other Tournaments across the globe: 1966-2011

The surprise results of quarterfinals have made possible another India vs Pakistan match at Champions Trophy. At pool stage Pakistan failed to win any match, while India did win a match. In the quarterfinals both produced extraordinary games to enter their semifinals. This is Pakistan’s 24th and India’s 8th semifinal.

Statistics of India vs Pakistan at Champions Trophy after 2018

    Except the first one, all the 17 remaining matches have produced results.
    Pakistan has won 11, India has won 7.
    Pakistan scored 46 goals, India has scored 42 goals.
    Biggest win: 2003: Ind def Pak 7-4 in 2003
    Narrowest Wins: 1989: Pak def Ind 1-0
    India failed to score in 2 losses, in 1983 and 1989.
    Pakistan failed to score in 2014 Champions Trophy.
    Both have met 6 times in classification matches.

Ind vs Pak Matches at Champions Trophy: Pak 11, India 6, Draw 1

    1980: Pak vs Ind 0-0
    1982: India def Pakistan 5-4
    1983: Pak def India 2-0
    1985: Ind def Pak 2-1
    1986: India def Pakistan 3-2
    1989: Pak def Ind 1-0
    1995: Pak def Ind 2-1
    1996: Pak def Ind 3-2
    2002: Ind def Pak 3-2
    2003: Ind def Pak 7-4
    3rd Position: Pak def Ind 4-3
    2004: Pak def Ind 2-1
    3rd Position: Pak def Ind 3-2
    2005: Ind def Pak 3-2
    3rd Position: Pak def Ind 4-3
    2012: 3rd Position: Pak def Ind 3-2
    2014: Semifinals: Pak def Ind 4-2
    2018: Ind def Pak (Group) 4-0

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