Youngsters Have Replaced Famous 4! Will They Get Better

The strong team containing famous four in the last test at Adelaide has been replaced by the famous young players Pujara, Kohli, Dhawan, Rahane, Murali Vijay and Rohit Sharma. Together they have just played about 100 tests. Will the youngsters stop the chain of defeat at Australia!! Together they have not even played 120 test matches. Will India get a savior if not more!!

Ind vs Aus 2014-15 Tour Schedule

From the last test played at Adelaide in 2012, Kohli and Saha are the only remaining batsmen in the current team. Kohli succeeded when the famous four + Gambhir failed. Now, he has the company of famous youngsters who have all been successful. But, none of them have been successful abroad, like their predecessors.

Shikhar and Rahane have played only 10 test matches, Rohit has 7 tests in profile. Kohli is the senior most with 29 test matches, while Pujara has 25 test matches, three less than 28 test of Murali Vijay.

Since his debut century of 187 against Aussies at home and then another century of 115 at Wellington, Dhawan has visited England where he was clueless in 3 test matches.

Rahane also scored 2 centuries, one at Wellington with Dhawan and other at Lord’s. He was comparatively (vs Indians) successful during England series but not so great that he can be expected to be a saviour.

Rohit Sharma scored 2 consecutive centuries in 2 test matches on debut at home. SInce then he failed in South Africa, scored one half-century at New Zealand, failed in rest as well as in the only test he played against England. Nobody knows why he is in the team right now. Can he play a good ODI innings here?

Murali Vijay has scored the 3 centuries of his career against Australia, all at home. In the England series he did score a century and missed another one by 5 runs. If that can be considered good enough to overlook his past failures, India may have a person to rely upon at least for a half-century.

Pujara and Kohli hold they key to Indian chance of fight back. Can they enact the role Clarke and Ponting played in 2012 match!!

Pujara failed miserably in England and before that in New Zealand too. Yet he is the test star of India. He has scored two double centuries and overall 6 centuries, including his second double against Australia at home. But, again all his centuries except one came at home. He scored 153 at Johannesburg last year same time. Since then 16 innings with just two half-centuries.

Kohli has also scored 6 centuries, including his debut century at Adelaide. After that he scored three centuries at home. His last two centuries were scored at Johannesburg and Wellington. In England, he could reach double figure only thrice though.

Pujara has been tagged as only suited for test matches.

Indian Chance at Adelaide in 2014
Johnson is furious. Siddle, Harris and Lyon were dangerous even in last test match. The big question is can India bat for 2.5 hours. The answer appears no as batting patiently is not an Indian trait.

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