2015 World Cup: Complete Fixture in Indian Time

From February 14 to March 29, 14 teams will play 49 matches, including 42 matches at Pool stages and 7 matches at knock out level that includes quarterfinals, semifinals and final. The matches are played at 14 venues, that includes 7 venues each of Australia and New Zealand. The schedule of the matches are in Indian Standard Time (GMT+05:30).

Records: Team Rivalry Chart, Most 6s, Most 100s, Lowest Team Totals
History: Blast From the Past, History of 1975
Squads of All Editions: Australia, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies
Team Performances of Past: Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, West Indies, Zimbabwe

No Match days

    March 2
    March 16-17:Gap before knockout starts
    March 22-23: Gap before Semifinals start
    March 25
    March 27-28: Gap before final

Complete Fixture for Pool Matches

Date Teams Pool Venue Time
14 Feb Sri Lanka vs New Zealand Pool A Christchurch 03:30
14 Feb England vs Australia Pool A Melbourne 09:00
15 Feb South Africa vs Zimbabwe Pool B Hamilton 06:30
15 Feb India vs Pakistan Pool B Adelaide 09:00
16 Feb West Indies vs Ireland Pool B Nelson 03:30
17 Feb New Zealand vs Scotland Pool A Dunedin 03:30
Feb 18 Bangladesh vs Afghanistan Pool A Canberra 09:00
Feb 19 Zimbabwe vs UAE Pool B Nelson 03:30
Feb 20 England vs New Zealand Pool A Wellington 06:30
Feb 21 Pakistan vs West Indies Pool B Christchurch 03:30
Feb 21 Australia vs Bangladesh Pool A Brisbane 09:00
Feb 22 Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan Pool A Dunedin 03:30
Feb 22 South Africa vs India Pool B Melbourne 09:00
Feb 23 Scotland vs Scotland Pool A Christchurch 03:30
Feb 24 West Indies vs Zimbabwe Pool B Canberra 09:00
Feb 25 Ireland vs UAE Pool B Brisbane 09:00
Feb 26 Afghanistan vs Scotland Pool A Dunedin 03:30
Feb 26 Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh Pool A Melbourne 09:00
Feb 27 South Africa vs West Indies Pool B Sydney 09:00
Feb 28 Australia vs New Zealand Pool A Auckland 06:30
Feb 28 India vs UAE Pool B Perth 12:00
Mar 1 England vs Sri Lanka Pool A Wellington 03:30
Mar 1 Pakistan vs Zimbabwe Pool B Brisbane 09:00
Mar 3 South Africa vs Ireland Pool B Canberra 09:00
Mar 4 Pakistan vs UAE Pool B Napier 06:30
Mar 4 Australia vs Afghanistan Pool A Perth 12:00
Mar 5 Bangladesh vs Scotland Pool A Nelson 03:30
Mar 6 India vs West Indies Pool B Perth 12:00
Mar 7 South Africa vs Pakistan Pool B Auckland 06:30
Mar 7 Zimbabwe vs Ireland Pool B Hobart 09:00
Mar 8 New Zealand vs Afghanistan Pool A Napier 03:30
Mar 8 Australia vs Sri Lanka Pool A Sydney 09:00
Mar 9 England
vs Bangladesh
Pool A Adelaide 09:00
Mar 10 India vs Ireland Pool B Hamilton 06:30
Mar 11 Sri Lanka vs Scotland Pool A Hobart 09:00
Mar 12 South Africa vs UAE Pool B Wellington 06:30
Mar 13 Bangladesh vs New Zealand Pool A Hamilton 06:30
Mar 13 England vs Afghanistan Pool A Sydney 09:00
Mar 14 India vs Zimbabwe Pool B Auckland 06:30
Mar 14 Australia vs Scotland Pool A Hobart 09:00
Mar 15 West Indies vs UAE Pool B Napier 03:30
Mar 15 Pakistan vs Ireland Pool B Adelaide 09:00

Knockout Matches

Date Teams Level Venue Time
Mar 18 TBD vs TBD QF Sydney 09:00
Mar 19 TBD vs TBD QF Melbourne 09:00
Mar 20 TBD vs TBD QF Adelaide 09:00
Mar 21 TBD vs TBD QF Wellington 06:30
Mar 24 TBD vs TBD Semifinal Auckland 06:30
Mar 26 TBD vs TBD Semifinal Sydney 09:00
Mar 29 TBD vs TBD Final Melbourne 09:00

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