2015 World Table Tennis Championships: Indian Challenge Ends at Third Round

World Number 44 Achanta Sharath Kamal reached his career best third round in World Table Tennis Championships at Suzhou, China but could not score any point against Chinese Fang and with him Indian challenge finished. Soumyajit Ghosh, Ghanasekaran and Mixed Doubles team failed to move beyond Round 2. In 53 editions, the best finish for an Indian has been only third round that Kamal also achieved in 2010.

2015 Results
Men’s Singles

    Sharath lost the third round match to Fang (China) 0-11, 0-11, 0-11, 0-11
    Achanta Sharath Kamal defeated Gauzy (France) 11-4, 11-5, 11-7, 8-11, 11-8
    Soumyajit Ghosh lost the 2nd round match vs Shibaev of Russia.
    Ghanasekaran lost to Fang (China), who will meet Kamal in third round now.

Mixed Doubles

    Soumyajit Ghosh / India Mouma Das (Second round)
    Shetty/Batra lost in first round.

2013 Results
Men’s Singles

    Sharath Kamal lost in 2nd round

Mixed Doubles

    Sharath Kamal / Shamini Kumaresan (Second Round)
    Soumyajit Ghosh / India Mouma Das (Third Round)
    Amalraj Anthony / India Madhurika Patkar (Second Round)

2011 Results
Men’s Singles

    Achanta Sharath Kamal (First Round)

Men’s Doubles

    Achanta Sharath Kamal / Subhajit Saha (First Round)

Mixed Doubles

    Achanta Sharath Kamal / Shamini Kumaresan (Second Round)
    Amalraj Anthony / Madhurika Patkar (First Round)

2009 Results

    Men’s Singles: Sharath Kamal lost in 3rd round
    Women’s Singles: Mouma Das, S. Kumaresan, K. Chakraborty and Poulomi Ghatak lost in first round


    Men’s Doubles: Sharath Kamal/ S Saha lost in 2nd round.
    Women’s Doubles: Mouma Das / Poulomi Ghatak (First Round)

Mixed Doubles

    Subhajit Saha / India Poulomi Ghatak (First Round)
    Amalraj A. Anthony / Madhurika Patkar (First Round)
    Sharath K. Achanta / Shamini Kumaresan (First Round)
    Sourav Chakraborty / Mouma Das (First Round)
    Pathik Mehta / Kasturi Chakraborty (First Round)

2007 Results
Men’s Singles

    S Saha (First Round)
    Achanta S K (First Round)

Women’s Singles

    Mouma Das (First Round)
    Poulomi Ghatak (First Round)

Mixed Doubles

    Achanta Sharat Kamal / P Ghatak (First Round)
    A Nandi / K Chakraborty (First Round)
    S Roy / M Das (First Round)
    S Saha / S Kumaresan (First Round)


    Men’s Doubles: Achanta S K /S Roy 2nd Round
    Women’s Doubles: M Das/ P Ghatak 1st Round

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