World Cup 2015 Records: Best Bowling in an Innings

The World Cup final was ruled by the bowlers, unlike rest of the tournament. Southee has equalled the World Cup record of best bowling in an innings. 7 bowlers have taken 5 or more wickets so far in World Cup 2015, while 73 occasions have seen 3-5 wickets taken by bowlers till the end of the tournament.

World Cup 2015: Schedules and Results
World Cup 2015 Statistics: Batting, Team, Bowling

5 or more wickets

    7/33 Southee (NZ) vs Eng
    6/28 Starc (Aus) vs NZ
    5/27 Trent Boult (NZ) vs Aus
    5/33 Mitch Marsh (Aus) vs Eng
    5/45 Imran Tahir (SA) vs WI
    5/55 Sohail Khan (Pak) vs Ind
    5/71 Finn (Eng) vs Aus


    2 NZ, Aus
    1 Pak, Eng, SA

Vs Teams

    2 Aus, Eng
    1 NZ, Ind, WI

3-5 wickets

    4/14 Starc (Aus) vs Sco
    4/18 Vettori (NZ) vs Afg
    4/21 Abbott (SA) vs Ire
    4/22 Johnson (Aus) vs Afg
    4/25 Ashwin (Ind) vs UAE
    4/26 Imran Tahir (SA) vs SL (QF)
    4/27 Jason Holder (WI) vs UAE
    4/30 Irfan (Pak) vs Zim
    4/31 Umesh Yadav (Ind) vs Ban in QF
    4/32 Cusack (Ire) vs Zim
    4/35 Shami (Ind) vs Pak
    4.35 Hazlewood (Aus) vs Pak
    4/38 Shapoor Zadran (AFG) vs Scot
    4/40 RD Berrington (Scot) vs Afg
    4/44 Boult (NZ) vs WI in QF
    4/45 Wahab Riaz (Pak) vs Zim
    4/53 Rubel Hossain (Ban) vs Eng
    4/55 Shakib Al Hasan (Ban) vs NZ
    4/56 Guruge (UAE) vs Pak
    4/68 JH Davey (Scot) vs Eng
    4/72 Umesh Yadav (Ind) vs Aus in Semifinal
    3/15 Jerome Taylor (WI) vs Pak
    3/18 Anderson (NZ) vs Scot
    3/20 Mortaza (Ban) vs Afg
    3/20 Kulasekara (SL) vs Sco
    3/24 Vettori (NZ) vs Scot
    3/26 Finn (Eng) vs Scot
    3/29 Dawlat Zadran (AFG) vs Scot
    3/29 Duminy (SA) vs SL (QF)
    3/30 Steyn (SA) vs Pak
    3/30 Johnson (Aus) vs NZ in final
    3/33 Russell (WI) vs Pak
    3/34 Morne Morkel (SA) vs Ire
    3/34 Boult (NZ) vs Afg
    3/35 Chatara (Zim) vs Pak
    3/35 Malinga (SL) vs Ban
    3/35 Shami (Ind) vs WI
    3/36 Imran Tahir (SA) vs Zim
    3/36 James Taylor (WI) vs UAE
    3/36 Faulkner (Aus) vs NZ in final
    3/38 Taylor (WI) vs Zim
    3/40 Davey (Scot) vs NZ
    3/40 Rahat Ali (Pak) vs SA
    3/41 Ashwin (Ind) vs SA
    3/41 Shami (Ind) vs Ire
    3/41 Malinga (SL) vs Afg
    3/41 Angelo Mathews (SL) vs Afg
    3/42 Chatara (Zim) vs UAE
    3/42 Cummins (Aus) vs Sco
    3/43 Taskin Ahmed (Ban) vs Sco
    3/43 Umesh Yadav (Ind) vs Zim
    3/45 Hamid Hassan (Afg) vs SL
    3/45 Wahab Riaz (Pak) vs SA
    3/48 Holder (WI) vs Zim
    3/48 Faulkner (Aus) vs SL
    3/48 Shami (Ind) vs Zim
    3/48 Mohit (Ind) vs Zim
    3/50 Dockrell (Ire) vs WI
    3/51 Chameera (SL) vs Sco
    3/52 Md. Irfan (Pak) vs SA
    3/54 Wahab Riaz (Pak) vs Ire
    3/57 Wardlaw (Scot) vs NZ
    3/59 (9) Morne Morkel (SA) vs NZ in Semifinals
    3/59 (9) Faulkner (Aus) vs Ind in Semifinals
    3/60 Amjad Javed (UAE) vs Ire
    3/61 Chatara (Zim) vs Ire
    3/63 Davey (Sco) vs SL
    3/63 Mohammad Naveed (UAE) vs SA
    3/69 Taskin (Ban) vs Ind in QF
    3/71 Jerome Taylor (WI) vs Ire
    3/71 Jerome Taylor (WI) vs NZ in QF
    3/72 Sean Williams (Zim) vs Ire
    3/72 (6) Corey Anderson (NZ) vs SA in Semifinals


    8 Ind
    7 SA
    6 WI, Pak
    5 Aus, SL
    4 Zim, Ban, NZ
    3 Afg, UAE
    2 Ire, Scot
    1 Scot, Eng

Vs Teams

    9 Zim
    8 Ire
    6 SA, SL, Afg
    5 Scot
    4 UAE, NZ
    3 WI, Eng, Pak
    2 Ban, Ind

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